How Much Do You Know About Oil Casing And Tubing Cleaning

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Mainly introduce the cleaning requirements, cleaning principle, cleaning line process and system composition and so on.

1. The cleaning needs and requirements of tubing:Preparation group of the oilfield is an important department of oil field production plant,Guest Posting it serves specifically for homework and well repair.The core task is oil well tubing cleaning, inspection, repair, as well as the new pipe preparation. Tubing cleaning is the first program of all other processes workAs the tubing before put into use should carry out pressure testing, inspection, straightening and repair, so wax removal before scale clearing is needed for oil well tubing, especially for injection wells of thermal oil well pipe, only need cleaning scales.Wax layer within the tubing from 1 mm to all paraffin blockage, tubing in scale from very thin to 5 mm thick, tubing diameter is D74, inside diameter is D61, the tubing joint diameter D90, inside diameter G21/2, length from 10 m to 8 m.It requires that the tube inside and outside wall wax all clean, clear scale requires directly to reach the tube wall. Single wire cleaning efficiency requires 250 tubing 250 tubes, 8 hours a day. Cleaning processes can be switched from fully automatic to semi-automatic, and the tube can be transferred to other production line entrance.

2. The cleaning principleWater physical cleaning consists of seven elements, namely pressure, flow rate, time, temperature, chemical agent, injection ways and abrasive jet, function of each element is as follows:

Pressure: the strength of the damage and remove dirt, represents the strength and ability, the more dirt hard pressure, the greater the oilfield production string and well tube inner surface dirt generally require 700 bar to 1400 bar, through our test, take the top pressure of 1400 bar, operating pressure of 1350 bar can meet almost all demand of destructive power required by pipe scale cleaning.

Flow rate: wash ability and hit frequency factor, the greater the flow rate, the higher the cleaning efficiency, through our experiment and practice, under the pressure of 1350bar, 44 l/min flow can guarantee 8 nozzle arrangement work, at the same time, strengthen rotary cleaning surface.Time: the longer, the higher the frequency of cleaning, the better the cleaning efficiency. Require a 2 minute, equivalent to pipe up and down every 4 seconds, into the 60 seconds back 20 ~ 40 seconds other 16 seconds to 10 meters long tube, about 0.18 meters per second, 8 mouth rotary cleaning, super high pressure jet requirement of greater than or equal to 420 RPM is adjustable.

Temperature: temperature can melt and evacuate the structure of the oil dirt, make its have the fluid characteristics easy to remove loose. General 1350 bar water jet spraying produce about 30 ~ 40 frictional heat, cold wash descaling paraffin removal at the same time there is no problem. But under the condition of environment temperature 0 ~ 15, cold for wax cleaning scale is very difficult, if -50 ~ 0, more can't use cold water. Under 15, need to keep the water temperature heating to 15 ~ 20, but paraffin temperature requirements above 30.

Chemical agent: wet loose dirt, dirt adhesion strength, reduce the difficulty and improve the effect of cleaning cleaning, this scheme will not be involved in the elements

Injection way: by the jet distance, jet Angle, nozzle number, comprehensive and become determinants of cleaning ability and efficiency maximization.

Abrasive jet: Increase on quality in order to strengthen the strength of a kind of cleaning factor, strong clear cutting ability, can replace dry spray sand and super high pressure water

3. Cleaning line process and system composition:Water cleaning system process: water filtration system; High-pressure plunger pump system; Cleaning execution system; Water sedimentation separation; purification processing system.

4. Oil tubing ultrahigh pressure water automatic cleaning system technical characteristics:1). The pipe rotation, between the inside and outside, nozzle cleaning at the same time; 2 minutes, 240 / day, eight hours a day, 50000 cleaning/thread2). The pressure is higher than cleaning scales ecru critical pressure of 1200 bar, work bar in 13503). Cleaning system for cold, makes into the shower nozzle jet high pressure water jet friction heat up with 30 ° C to 40 ° C, pressure control valve can be adjusted4). The nozzle and the speed can be stepless speed regulation5). Do not need to add in, clear fall within the crude oil in the tank can be recycled.Water treatment using two boxes of precipitation pool, water tank using 8 meters long and wide 3 meters, 3 meters high, in order to spare 2 days with water6). With back-to-back double design, make the joining together of two lines, covers an area of small, civil enforcement agencies share7). Ultrahigh pressure cold wash, in addition to wax removal simultaneously, realizing wax scale clean secondary one8) between the car body RC14044 + + coil agency + tube body up and down, the casing and tubing transmission mechanism, pneumatic control system and electrical control console (including motor control and speed control system) + injection equipment, water treatment system + production workshops, control room + lighting system.

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