Three Forming Technologies of large size seamless pipe fittings

Jun 26


tracy chen

tracy chen

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Mainly introduce three kinds of forming technologies of large size seamless pipe fittings.


Large size seamless pipe fittings forming technology is mainly divided into:

1,Three Forming Technologies of large size seamless pipe fittings Articles hot extrusion method
Before squeezing, it needs a pre-treatment for the billet machining, when extrusion pipe fittings diameter under 100 mm, investment of equipment small, less waste of materials, technology is relatively mature. But once the pipe diameter size increases, adopting the method of hot extrusion requires large capacity and high power devices, the corresponding control system will upgrade.

2, hot perforation rolling method
Rolling hot perforation is given priority to longitudinal rolling extension and extension skew rolling.
Extension longitudinal rolling mill main limited mandrel MPM rolling, less stand mandrel MPM rolling, three roll limit mandrel MPM rolling and floating mandrel MPM rolling.
This method is of high production efficiency, low metal consumption, good product quality, advanced control system, is increasingly widely used.
Extend skew rolling rolling method with low cost, short process, suitable for small batch and many varieties, many specifications, and in high precision thick-walled seamless tube production and the same has been widely used.

3, hot pushing method of enlarging
Push the expanding production equipment is simple, low cost, easy maintenance, economic and durable, flexible product specification transformation, for the preparation of large diameter bend and similar products, you just need to add some accessories.
Suitable for the production of large diameter and thin wall thickness seamless steel pipe, also can produce no more than equipment capacity of thick wall tube.