How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows? 4 Factors to Consider

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Frequently, Long Windows sales reps hear the same question:

How much does it cost to replace windows?

Bruce Irving,Guest Posting an independent renovation consultant and real estate agent from Cambridge, Massachusetts, told Consumer Reports:

“Your home is the most valuable thing you’ll ever own.”

And your windows are an important element of your home. By having good-quality windows, you will improve your home's external appearance and energy efficiency. That is why many homeowners usually ask this question.  

So, here we’ll explain to you why you should renovate your windows and the cost determining factors of a project like this.

Why You Should Replace Your Windows

  • Security – Old windows are not a challenge for burglars. But, contemporary windows incorporate modern designs and features that improve home security. They offer peace of mind to homeowners.
  • Energy Efficiency – According to, average Washington D.C. homes with energy-efficient windows save around $270 yearly. Do you want to save this way or even more? Then, consider installing these types of windows.
  • Adding Value – Do you plan to sell your home? So, you should know that if you upgrade your windows, you could obtain a 70-74% of return on this investment when reselling your house. The remodeling magazine “Cost vs. Value” reported these figures.
  • Increasing Curb Appeal – by installing modern windows that fit your home's architectural style, you’ll enhance its curb appeal significantly.

4 Factors that Determine the Cost of Replacing Windows

  1. Frame – More than half of the cost of a window depends on the frame material. Currently, manufacturers employ many materials for window frames. However, wood is still widely available and highly preferred. Additional options are vinyl, composite materials, and even high-tech materials that lower costs.

Besides, you can give a wooden looking to your windows without losing durability. In this sense, wood grain interior windows offer aesthetics and functionality.

  1. Glass – Multi-pane windows come with a layer of insulation between the glass panes. Usually, gases like argon or krypton fill these layers generating a noise barrier and keeping energy inside your home.

Likewise, Long Roofing offers the Quantum 2 series of vinyl replacement windows. Windows with heat mirror technology use special films inserted in between the panes plus inert gases. Thanks to this design, they create a “super-insulating” system. These windows reflect heat, reduce noise, and improve security since they are hard to break.

The initial investment these windows require is higher. However, you’ll get back your investment by paying lower energy bills.

  1. Design – the most popular designs are:
  • Double-hung: It has two sashes that can move up and down. So, half of the window can be open at a time.
  • Casement: They are hinged vertically to open and close like a door.
  • Awning: These windows are hinged horizontally and look like an awning when opened.
  • Slider: these windows open on one half by sliding and have a vertical meeting rail.

To reduce labor costs, substitute windows of similar shape, size, and style. Also, remind that bigger windows may have higher costs.

  1. Installation – Installing a window may be a challenging job. Hence, if you hire an experienced installer you will get your window properly and quickly installed. Of course, it will represent a higher cost than following the DIY path, but it will worth the investment. Besides, every installer handles different installation prices and fees.

“Good professional help is worth the money,” Bruce Irving told Architectural Digest’s Clever blog.

How much does it cost to replace windows? As you can see, the answer to this question depends on several elements.

But, you may solicit an estimate today to find out!

Does your home need new windows? Do you have more questions than answers about this project? Then, call Mississippi Landsource at 601-996-4590 or visit our website.

Get tons of information about your home.

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