How to Arrange Your Restaurant Takeaway Menu

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Many restaurant owners who have their Take out menus printed think they have to be designed differently to their eat-in menus. Yes, this can be powerful. However, it is not always necessary. The only way you would change the menu designs is if the regular menus are bound in leather and on parchment inserts

The other reason to change the takeaway menu designs is if you include coupons or takeaway specials. Also remember,Guest Posting when deciding how to arrange the takeaway menu, size also needs to be considered. This depends on if the Take out menus has to be in a bi-fold or tri-fold format.

Keep It Simple: Stay Similar To the Eat-In Menu Format

When it comes to money and turnaround time, it is advised to keep the format as similar to the original as possible. The printer will likely already have a digital file for your menu that can be printed out as a takeaway menu. Every so often the cost will change, so always check this when receiving orders for takeaway. The information will have been proof read or changed on the original file. All you need to do is decide if you want to include coupons or specials to the menu.

Including Coupons and Specials to the Takeaway Menu

If you decide coupons and specials will be included, the best section to include them on is on the right hand side of the page. This is because this page faces you. When you include coupons in your Print cheap postcards, you will need to adjust the length of the paper. If the original menu has been printed on 8.5" x 11", then place the coupons on the right. Then print on a size suited to tri-fold menus. The size for tri-fold menus is: 11" x 17". 

Including More Expensive Dishes Strategically on the Menu

Another great method of arranging your takeaway menus is to make your dishes more expensive. This can be included on the top left hand corner after the menu is opened. Studies have shown that because humans read from left to right, and starting at the top left hand corner. This will attract the customer’s attention as the move to open the menu. Also include a seductive photograph on your menu of a dish that has just been bought.

If you want to do direct mailings, takeaway menus cost much less than the average stamp. Include your eat-in menus with your takeaway menus for customers to order food. Also have some ready for direct mailings. By doing this, you have overwhelmed your market with advertising. You have also developed a takeaway menu at the same time. 

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Most times, Take out menus are sent out in direct mailings and because of this fact, a tri-fold layout tends to be what works well. Not only is this the centre section on the other side, usually reserved for contact details. On the inside, the menu of the Print cheap postcards often has three columns that are similar to the original format. On the back of the menu, new dishes or specials are advertised. This means they will be on the flap that has a staple on top. The takeaway menus used in this way will include contact details on the front of the page as with any specials and coupons. 

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