How to Check Milk Purity Using Lactometer- Milk Testing Equipment

Sep 30


H.S. Chadha

H.S. Chadha

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This article gives a brief idea on how we can measure milk purity using lactometer, milk testing equipment. Article also covers the detailed information of lactometer and how it is beneficial for us.


A day starts with pure hygienic milk because every person requires pure milk of a glass for their perfect breakfast which gives energy to body and every child also require pure milk for their physical growth. Where in today’s world there are chances to take impure milk for any sources like – dairy booths,How to Check Milk Purity Using Lactometer- Milk Testing Equipment Articles dairy shops, marts and many more. So there is necessity to check milk purity because of availability of impure milk in market.

As we know there are lots of substances which make milk impure and we can check or test that impure milk through lactometer.

What is Lactometer

Lactometer, a cylindrical vessel made by blowing a glass tube. One side of glass tube looks like a bulb with filled by mercury and another site is thin tube with scaled. For milk testing lactometer dipped in milk which we are testing. In lactometer the point up to which it sinks in the pure milk is marked after that put in water and marked at the point up to which it sinks in water. It sinks less in milk then water because as we know milk is denser then water. At lactometer there are to portions i.e. ‘M ‘and ‘W’ which is divided in three parts and marked as 3, 2 and 1. That indicates the level of the purity in Milk.

Here below some steps mentioned for milk testing –

# Step 1- Whenever you want to test the milk purity, you just put the instrument or lactometer in milk.

# Step 2- If it sinks up to the mark ‘M’ which mentioned at lactometer that means milk is pure or if not that means milk is impure.

# Step 3- If the milk is mixed in water then it would sink higher then marked ‘M’.

# Step4- If it stands at the mark 3 that means milk is 75% pure and respectively 2 for 50% purity and 1 means 25% purity.

Lactometer is basically more suitable or useful in sea warfare where now the days most of shops and submarines also use it for milk purity test. Here below advantages of lactometer mentioned by which you have an idea about how a lactometer gives you advantage-

Advantages of Lactometer

Everyone can use lactometers easily.

Lactometers results have maximum accuracy.

Lactometer requires low maintenance cost.

Lactometers price are minimum that’s why anyone can purchase it.

Lactometers are used for milk purity checker and also a very reliable instrument. It is scientifically observed that the cases of skimmed milk the lactometer fails to provide correct results if the density of skimmed milk is made equal to pure milk adding water.

Conclusion- Lactometer is useful for milk testing by which anyone can measure their milk purity easily. It’s necessary to eat or drink healthy for a healthy life.