How To Choose Business Storage Services

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For businesses requiring short or long-term storage it can be difficult to know how to choose a storage unit provider. This article offers a checklist guide to choosing storage services to suit your needs.

As a business owner you understand the need for cost-effective,Guest Posting accessible storage for your business items. Business storage services are often used for the storage of documents, furniture, vehicles, stock and exhibition equipment, and they are commonly used by businesses which are relocating, expanding or simply have less storage space than they require. Whatever you are storing, ensure that you consider the following criteria with your business storage:


Business storage varies greatly in style, size and location. Often, businesses find that the most practical business storage is that which uses the American model, with drive-up access to your own unit. Some storage services use multi-level warehouses, where you have to transport your goods using trolleys, through lifts and corridors to find your unit. This is often found to be impractical, particularly for those wanting regular access to their storage. Consider whether you require a single or double unit with or without an extra large access door. Do you need your unit to be furnished? Racking is particularly important for those looking for business document storage. Find out if your storage provider offers this service.


An advantage of using ground-level business storage is that it is easily accessible. Look for storage services which allow free 24/7 access by vehicle, this way you can choose to access your items whenever is practical for you. Computerised gates and PIN code entry systems allow your items to be secured safely while enabling you to visit your business storage unit whenever you require. The Nottingham area is practical for business storage as it is centrally located, easily accessible and has links to the M1 for Sheffield, Birmingham and Leicester. Location matters whether you are looking to store items on a short or long-term basis; a central location is much more time- and cost-effective.


Do not use storage services which offer business rates, this generally means inflated prices. Your storage provider should charge your business the same competitive rates as an individual using the service. It is definitely worth shopping around for your unit as some storage providers offer to beat any nearby storage units prices on a like-for-like basis. Larger chain storage providers tend to be overpriced compared to independent businesses. Find out about hidden costs to get a real feel for the price. Many business storage units appear affordable but charge for access and receiving parcels, so ask whether this is the case.


As well as flexible access to your unit, you probably want a flexible contract too. Look for business storage which does not require long-term commitment and which offers you the chance to move to a bigger or smaller unit if you require.


You may want to check whether or not your storage company can take deliveries on your behalf when you are not on site. This is an especially useful service for those who want to order stock directly to their storage unit. Some storage companies also offer business document storage with retrieval and delivery options, which you may find useful.  And security is, of course, important too. Only choose a unit which has PIN access, safety intruder alarms and CCTV which records both day and night. You may also want to invest in insurance for peace of mind. By considering these options, you will be able to find business storage or business document storage which is practical, affordable, secure and suited to your personal requirements.

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