Why does Business need Self Storage?

Apr 27


Joe Doyle

Joe Doyle

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A lot of businesses have never used self storage before and therefore do not know how it may benefit them or under what circumstances they can use it. The purpose of this article is to educate businesses about self storage, how it works, its benefits and why they may need it.


There are many reasons why all kinds of businesses need self storage. They range from creating a territory distribution point for a sales team to a mini warehouse to store trade supplies. Let's examine some of the main benefits and reasons why businesses need and use self storage. 

What are the main business uses for self storage?

• Archive storage  • Sales team sample and product storage • Point of sale equipment storage • Office relocation furniture storage • Trade business storage such as plumbers,Why does Business need Self Storage? Articles builders, plasters • Storage of imported and exported goods • Small business stock overflow storage • Seasonal demand such as Christmas stock storage • Government self storage needs • Pharmaceutical samples and sales material storage• Mobile business equipment storage• Home office storage

The benefits of Self Storage for Business:


• You pay month to month with no yearly leases required.  • There is no large bond required to rent a storage space. • The rental rate for self storage is competitive with the cost of office space. • Office space is better used to generate income than for storage. • You can pay for periods in advance to receive a discount. • Some storage facilities will offer to assist you to move in your goods for free. • Shelving can be made available (at cost) to make the best use of your storage    space. • A free receipt and dispatch service means you don't need to employ someone to receive deliveries.


• 24 hour security gives you peace of mind. • Offsite storage protects your valuable documents in case of fire. • You rent your own individual lock up space and you keep the keys. 


• 7 day extended hour access to your storage provides great convenience. • Drive up roller door spaces makes using storage easy and saves time. • Having a forklift on site means you can receive pallet deliveries easily. • Pallet jacks and trolley's make moving your goods around effortless.  • Some storage facilities have use of a free serviced office for meetings. • Any packaging materialsyou may need to ship your goods are available on site. • Document destruction can be arranged for your stored archives.


• You can store month to month with very short notice required to vacate. • As your business changes you can alter the amount of storage space you need. • Downsizing and up-scaling are easy with Self Storage.

Self Storage offers great opportunities for small and big business alike to save money and increase productivity. Self Storage offers secure, convenient and flexible storage solutions that free up businesses to do what they do best. 

For all your commercial storage needs please contact Big Box Self Storage. We will make Self Storage work for you.

If you have a specific business storage need that is different from those listed above we would like to hear it or if you would like to provide feedback on this article then please e-mail jdoyle@bigboxselfstorage.com.au