How to Deal With the Deformation of Oil Pipe Hoop?

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How to deal with the deformation of oil pipe hoop?



Method for treating deformation of oil pipe hoop:

Non-uniform deformation of oil pipe hoops during metal pressure processing,Guest Posting the distribution of deformation and stress inside the workpiece is uneven, and the quality and performance of the product also complicates the processing process.

The main causes of deformation and stress unevenness are: external friction on the contact surface of the oil pipe hoop, geometric factors of the deformation zone, uneven shrinkage, the uneven end of the deformed object, the temperature of the deformed body, and the deformed metal Nature.

The uneven distribution of deformation and stress reduces the unit deformation force, plasticity and product quality.

Measures to reduce deformation and uneven distribution of deformation include: correct selection of the temperature-speed system of deformation, minimize the harmful effects of external friction on the contact surface, and ensure that the composition and organization of the deformed metal are as uniform as possible.

Ductile fracture metal has undergone considerable plastic deformation before fracture, which is mainly manifested as transgranular fracture, and its intergranular fracture can only be seen during high temperature creep. The main factors that determine the fracture of metal are deformation temperature, stress state and material nature. The cooling rate and temperature are larger than the cooling intensity, strip thickness, mill speed, thermal characteristics and cooling control temperature. The laminar cooling zone should be designed to be long enough so that the product can reach the target winding through a certain cooling rate temperature. There is a large transmission delay from the thermometer of the oil pipe hoop to the thermometer in front of the coiler.

According to the different plastic deformation before fracture, the fracture can be divided into two types of brittle spear fracture. There are no obvious signs of plastic deformation on the surface of brittle fracture, and few traces of plastic deformation can be found near the fracture. The breaking and tensile stresses are close to orthogonal.

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