How to effectively manage books of accounts remotely and save your time?

Sep 7


Biplob Dev

Biplob Dev

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When it comes to managing books of accounts, bookkeeping, and accounting, cloud accounting has been in the trend for quite some time now and it will continue to revolutionize many more industries and businesses very soon. Managing books has never been so easy and that is what most businesses have been looking for by now. So, businesses need to identify how cloud accounting can be effective for their business and not only be able to meet and comply with taxation and e-invoicing needs but also save more time.


It appears that remote work will be another norm of the future. Work-from-home used to be a pipe dream for employees,How to effectively manage books of accounts remotely and save your time? Articles and it was nearly impossible. However, when government regulations about pandemics were considered, it has evolved to the point that companies must accommodate it as a pre-requisite. 

Remote work necessitates the creation of a shared workspace in a geographically dispersed context. A public location that is open to all. In this case, investing in online accounting software allows you to go through functions more smoothly and with greater control.

It becomes difficult to ensure that information is shared and that different functions operate together efficiently if separate tools have different databases. Because of the limited cooperation in a distant working environment, it becomes much more difficult.

This entails the use of business management software that has online capabilities, allowing users to use the software from anywhere and integrate data across all operations.  Therefore, if you’re a business owner and are working remotely, I would suggest, you need online accounting software that helps in billing, e-invoicing, and reporting. 

Here’s How Cloud Accounting Software Helps You to Manage Your Books Remotely

To run your business on the cloud, you simply need an internet connection and you can seamlessly log on to your subscription account to operate and access all these features on the go and these are surprisingly interesting.

1. Generate Detail & Summary Reports

It’s easy to know the details of your business accurately. With accounting software on the cloud, you get knowledge about the profitability of the company, branch, and various projects. Tracking payables and receivables is a breeze. You can monitor productivity with order & sales reports

 2. Dashboard & KPI 

Cloud accounting provides a comprehensive dashboard that greatly helps to know your company's finances at a glance. You can analyze the profitability of branches & projects. You can budget your money with a summary of dues. You can also track the status of compliances done with this software.

3. Scheduled Notifications

Your accounting tasks become way simpler when you’re updated on all important tasks. Keeping track of every account becomes easy with scheduled notifications. You can also set up a schedule for receiving various reports.

4. Pay as you use

Whether you’re a CA, a freelancer, a business of any scale, an enterprise, or an e-commerce website, you need an affordable plan and pricing. With cloud accounting software you can choose your best plan for all your activities. Cloud accounting software has various subscriptions available that provide features according to your business needs. 

5. Document attachment

Most cloud accounting software includes a document attachment feature. An accountant can attach files to each and every entry by scanning and uploading the original file. This feature converts the file into an image that appears next to the entry when you open the voucher. This helps to save time and manage accounting activities even more hassle-free. 

6. Integration with other software

A business might use various other software for smooth functioning. Therefore, online accounting software provides API integration with 3rd party software to embed primarily with any cloud-based app, so it becomes much easier to integrate with other software. For more information on online accounting software refer to the following article. 

7. Inventory and Payroll support

Accounting software that helps firms to keep track of goods and manage their inventory includes inventory management as a standard feature. Online accounting software has a very user-friendly interface for managing stock and inventory.

When an item-by-item purchase is made, the inventory module adds items to stock automatically. Likewise, when a sale happens, the same stock is deducted from inventory. The inventory module also generates reports such as stock valuation and stock summary, which assist the company in determining the status of its stock.

Moreover, most cloud-based accounting software also provides a separate payroll module. It estimates every employee's payroll inside a company automatically depending on their pay structure. As a result, the payroll module avoids the time-consuming chore of manually calculating your employees' salaries. It also allows you to keep track of employee attendance and compute their pay.  

8. GST e-Invoicing

The talk surrounding e-invoicing of GST has been doing the rounds since 2019. And this year every other company is working on implementing this. Most cloud accounting software is already offering e-invoicing integration with the GST portal and the software.

And it ensures that your e-invoicing needs are fulfilled if your turnover is greater than 50 crores. But in the future e-invoicing shall be applicable for all. The software also checks that your organization is GST compliant at all times by automatically creating GST invoices, calculating your tax liability, and filing tax reports.

9. Branch Accounting

Reconciling inter-branch transactions is a tedious task and prone to human errors. With cloud accounting software branch accounting seamlessly becomes a breeze. It allows creating as many branches as you’d require and getting consolidated reports from them. It also allows auto-posting simultaneously for two branches. 

Cloud accounting software goes above and beyond to make all accounting tasks a cakewalk. The aforementioned features help to eliminate unnecessary manual tasks and save a lot of time.

This helps you focus on your core competencies and make timely decisions. Thus, when it comes to accounting software, cloud accounting software stands out as the ultimate business software to improve business efficiency. 


Today’s business software and apps are featured-rich automated accounting software solution that assists you with AI integration. This makes online accounting software the future of business in accounting and the generation of MIS business reports.

Cloud accounting software is an easy-to-use cloud-based Accounting – Inventory – Payroll platform that provides a centralized database to run your entire business at your fingertips. The features of cloud accounting software are many folds but more importantly, it is software that generates billing e-invoicing, and GST filing online.

The same data can be accessed remotely by several users. And you can also get your hands on business reports whenever you desire.