The history of software development

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The history of software development is very long. It all started with the small tools to later the revolution as larger programs but now taken over by the web based applications. These developments has somehow became beneficial for it's vendors as well as their clients.

By the starting of 90s,Guest Posting Windows operating system had become the standard operating system for the vast majority of microcomputers being used as desktop and portable computer. By the end of the 90s, Microsoft’s Office suite (i.e., word processing, spreadsheet, database, slideshow presentation, and e-mail software sold in a single bundle) as well as its Web browser (Internet Explorer) had become the de facto software in use in U.S. organizations and multinational companies. The presence of software standards made it easier for their employees to work and communicate with other employees and business partners, even when working from multiple office locations.

Today, so many larger businesses and now midsized and smaller companies have also made heavy investments in enterprise IT devices: software programs with integrated modules that can easily share data across dispersed work teams, business divisions, and national boundaries in real time. Enterprise systems have now been widely adopted by manufacturing and service firms of all types and sizes in the United States and around the globe. Software programs that can access a customer’s information can now be used more easily by vendors to replenish materials for that customer, and customers can check on the status of their orders via the Internet.

Downloadable applications of bit-size software programs for smartphones and larger programs for other portable devices have now also become pervasive. Two years after the iPhone was first introduced, Apple’s App Store had 85,000 applications that millions of iPhone owners had downloaded. The ongoing success of the iPhone by Apple is to some degree due to the fact that more software apps are available for this Apple product than for any other manufacturers. Today’s mobile devices have therefore catalysts for a whole new software industry market.

A very comprehensive software trend has been the growth of so-called social media applications, such as social networking programs, cogenerated information tools and information flushing tools. Although initially these software programs were hosted on Web sites designed for public communities, today these same tools may be used by a company’s marketing and public relations groups for branding and other marketing activities. Similar tools are also being used on internal networks (intranets) for connecting company employees across time, distance, and divisional affiliation. For example, there are many companies which are using social networking tools to bridge newer and more senior employees across the globe. It has even further expanded with many adequate tools for project management where engineers, managers, clients and CEOs can communicate with each other to accomplish a better project development.

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