How to get your Wholesale Directory of Products and Suppliers

Jan 18


Jorge Olson

Jorge Olson

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Discover the best Wholesale Products and Suppliers to be successful in your eBay, Distribution, Internet or Wholesale Business.


One of the most important things when starting your wholesale business is your directory of products and suppliers. With it you can calculate your mark-ups,How to get your Wholesale Directory of Products and Suppliers Articles pricing, shipping, profits, and more. Don't just settle for a directory of suppliers anyone can find, you need to have a list unique to you, to your business.

For those just looking for a wholesale directory I will give you my favorite site for products and suppliers, closeouts and liquidations. It does not matter what you are looking for, it will all be here.

Now, let me tell you what else to do in order to get the best wholesale directory. Build your own. Yes, build your own. I've been in the wholesale and distribution business for years, sold to over 200,000 stores plus distributors, wholesalers, exporters, online, on eBay, to cash and carry's. You get the idea! My point is. I've sold a lot of products to a lot of people. And my main recommendation is to build your own list.

How do you do this? Why would you do this? Very simple. You would do this because the "source", the original source for products is the one that has the best prices. These are usually not drops shippers and not in these kind of directories. The best places to buy products is from the original suppliers. These can be manufacturers or importers. Most likely they don't sell everything under the sun. They just sell their products. In other words, they just sell their own products, and if you want the best prices for those products you need to contact them directly.

Usually most of the Wholesale Directories have consolidators, people who sell several products, buying from the manufacturers and importers. Yes, if you are starting and will only buy a couple of products at a time they are your best bet. But if you want large margins for you wholesale business you need More Margin.

Don't just be another reseller of a reseller, get as close as you can to the manufacturer or producer of the products you want to sell. If you can't find it, look for another product. This way you will have a better product and better profits. They will give you the best margins and can even negotiate exclusivities or special contracts to protect a territory, accounts, or something else.

This is your master list. Your Master Wholesale Directory. The new found wholesale directory is your map to the best wholesale prices. Now, let me tell you how to build your list. The easy way to find great products and supplies is to go to industry specific trade shows. There are food shows, snack shows, toy shows, and apparel, everything you can imagine. Think of the products you want to represent and then look up the trade shows on the internet and if they are near your home town go.

The easy way that at the end will not be so easy is using just the internet as your wholesale directory. This can be a bit more complicated because you don't really know who the companies are, if they are the original owner or a reseller. You will have to do more legwork. I recommend that you visit my wholesale audio course and signup to my newsletter to get a free audio course.

You will be surprised of everything that will start coming your way when you reach to these suppliers. You will start finding new products, finding business opportunities and business deals. You see, these people are veteran entrepreneurs and if you can help them sell more of their products they will help you, teach you, and guide you into launching your business.

So look at the big picture, don't settle for just generic drop shippers and make relationships, don't just send emails and buy third party directories. These are keys to success and will have you well on your way to launching your successful wholesale business. And always keep learning. You have to educate yourself as much as you can on the products that you want to sell. Find out who produces them, who imports them, who sells them, how much money are they making and how much can you make. Also, don't forget to have fun. You always have to like what you are doing. If you don't like it you will stop doing ig. So make sure you like the products that you are selling, or find new ones.