How to Decide Directory as Quality Directory?

Sep 1


Bhargav Bavarva

Bhargav Bavarva

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Several thousand directories are available for submission but which directories are best for you is question, then you have to keep few things in your mind when searching directory for your directory submission plan.

Directory submission is cost effective way to build one way links from thematic category of high quality website directories and get link from relevant content.

There are hundreds of directories,How to Decide Directory as Quality Directory? Articles No doubt, you have to spend a lot of time when submitting to different directory sites but you are always get the best value for your time and money If you submit in quality directory. Now you might have query that what is quality for directory? And how we can decide directory as quality directory? 

Following are few points which will help you to decide directory as quality directory.

1.    Page rank is most important to decide directories quality; good Page rank of directory may not have good inner page rank so you must consider home page and inner page PR of directory as one for most critical criteria.

2.    If directory having structured categories and all major categories are available then, it will create more thematic and relevant link.

3.    Search engine gives more weight to old age domain directory and consider those directories as trusted directory so if your site is linked from older directories it will help you for better ranking of your website.

4.    Number of pages indexed by search engines may decide how quality back link it can give to your website. If directory itself not able to indexed then how it makes you valuable?

5.    Directory submission is not consider for direct traffic it is for better search engine ranking but if it can provide you a little traffic then it is better and enjoy additional benefit.

6.    Whether directory is offering permanent link or link for few month or year is also good thing to keep in mind when decide directory’s quality.

7.    Directory should be SEO friendly, it means the link from directory is static link but not dynamic. Static Directory is the one which provide a direct link to a webpage using an anchor text.

8.    If it is paid directory then you must consider cost. It is not advisable to pay few $$ for 0 PR Directory. And also consider whether cost for one year or for lifetime listings?

9.    Niche directories are better for getting more thematic links. For Example, if your website is related to hotel business then you can select hotel niche directories.

Now ready to spend time for collecting quality directory? Yes, you should spend time to collect quality directory and submit your site by manually, because it is very effective and help to get your website more search engine visibility and of course, quality link support of your site. If you do not have time to search quality directory or not much aware then let hire professional company to do on your behalf and enjoy all benefits.