Impact of Colors on Vastu

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The minute one opens his/her eyes, a world loaded with hues sees before him. The effect of these hues on different parts of our life – enthusiastic, scholarly, materialistic, physical and instinctive – is boundless.

This is on account of each shading has particular properties and attributes that impact our states of mind,Guest Posting conduct and even way of life. Amid antiquated times, learned men understood the centrality of various hues, and related them with comparing planets, the seven noteworthy chakras (vitality focuses) in our body, and seven days of the week. It is nothing unexpected then that hues assume a noteworthy part in the production of a decent vaastu environment.

Colors are fundamentally vibrations of light. At the point when white light hits an item, certain wavelengths (vibrations) are discharged, and these structure distinctive hues. White light can be separated into seven essential shades of the range – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These hues can then be joined to make auxiliary hues and shades. With a specific end goal to acquire congruity our life and vaastu environment, it is essential to comprehend the properties of these essential hues. These have been talked about beneath:

Red: This is the shade of blood and has a conspicuous relationship with our life and body. Red symbolizes desire, enthusiasm, realism and other base energies, and in addition being connected with flame. It gives movement, vitality and self control.The front façade of structures confronting the south course ought to be painted red; the individuals who don't care for red can add a red shading component to the front outside. Inside the structure, you can paint the south mass of the parlor red to make life power vitality. Blushing red or pink shades can be utilized as a part of the room as they symbolize profound adoration. Pink is a perfect shading for love birds, and ought to particularly be utilized by couples wishing to imagine. Individuals who are by and large bad tempered or couples confronting struggle in their relationship can likewise advantage by this shading. Actually, pink can be utilized anyplace as a part of the house. Profound or dull red shades mean outrage and ought not be utilized as a part of rooms.

Orange: This shading speaks to pride, aspiration and correspondence. It additionally means well being and vitality.Young, yearning individuals who are yet to accomplish their objectives in life ought to utilize orange shades on the southern mass of their room. Since it is a searing shading, it ought not be utilized by individuals who have a cross or furious nature. Orange shades can be utilized as a part of kitchens that are situated in the south or southeast. It is an expanding shading, the general population who feel low ought to utilize the orange shades in there life. Orange shades can likewise be utilized as a part of the puja room.

Yellow: This shading connotes enlightenment, light, mind and higher mental movement. It is likewise a shade of goddess. This shading is best for Maa Lakshmi, she loves this shading. Yellow is useful for studies, focus and settling the psyche, and is most appropriate on the northern dividers of a building.What do you mean by shade of goddess? It would be ideal if you clarify?If you don't mind give a few tips to this shading.


  1. North-bound structures ought to have yellow hues.
  2. North side rooms can have yellow hues.
  3. Yellow has establishing nature; those with cracks and frail bones ought to utilize yellow hues garments.
  4. Yellow is a shading for the sunlight based plexus chakra those with behavioral issues can utilize this shading.
  5. This shading is useful for flourishing, yellow semi-valuable and valuable stones can used to keep in the money boxes or the wallets.

Green: This shading symbolizes nature, fruitfulness, wealth, flourishing and the development of positive vitality. It additionally speaks to resurrection, implying the re-formation of new thoughts. Green is a recuperating shading also, and is useful for heart and hypertension issues. The shading likewise has a cooling impact on people with a peevish, determined nature.

Green can be utilized as a cure by couples encountering conflicts in their wedded life; pastel green shades in southeastern rooms have an alleviating impact. Green is a symphonic shading for the east, and structures confronting this course should have a component of green component in their front façade. Experts, draftsmen, architects, design beauticians, and others in the counseling calling ought to have a green component in their office.

Blue: This is the shade of the sky, furthermore speaks to water. It means feelings, motivation, commitment and truth. Blue is likewise a recuperating and kind shading, and lessens torments in the body. It can be utilized as a part of the kids' room, yet ought not be utilized as a part of a kitchen, eatery, office or shops. Why for both parts of the sentence? Blue is a decreasing shading that is the reason it ought not be utilized for eateries, office and shops. It has a non stable nature.

The most concordant heading for utilizing blue is the west. If you don't mind elaborate in two or three lines. Since the one of the best shading for west is blue, west is possessed by varun dev the divine force of water, blue speaks to the water that is the reason the blue shading is great in west. Its utilization is entirely restricted in the southeast as this course connotes fire, which is in finished difference to water, spoke to by blue.

Indigo: This shading offers a profound association with the internal identity, makes otherworldly qualities, and improves psychic capacities. It can be utilized anyplace, expect in toilets and kitchens. Be that as it may, it is perfect for reflection and study rooms. Utilizing white or yellow with violet make for a positive mix. Indigo is a shade of master Krishna.

Violet: This shading speaks to religious commitment, learning and moderation. It upgrades mysticism, enhances memory and focus, and gives security of brain. Violet is best utilized as a part of poojan (supplication) and study rooms, and is perfect for understudies, researchers and individuals whose work requires a considerable measure of mental action. This shading is additionally useful for individuals who are uncertain.

Violet shading ought not be utilized as a part of toilets and kitchens. Violet shading if utilized as a part of more amounts it gives deep sense of being, particularly any place there are more desire and materialistic methodology of life violet ought to be utilized as a part of less amounts. In business and exchanging places it ought to be utilized as a part of restricted amounts. Individuals with clear personality and just cash based ought to less of violet shading and vice verse. Violet shading gives happiness in life, so whosoever feels unsatisfied all the time with no reason ought to utilize a greater amount of violet.

By following these simple color hacks for your house Swastik Amrai Apartment Ambegaon Budruk Pune, you can lead a happy life with your loved ones.

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Sraddha Kapoor

By following these simple color hacks for your house Swastik Amrai Apartment Ambegaon Budruk Pune, you can lead a happy life with your loved ones.

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