Best Tips to Arrange your Kitchen as per Vastu Shastra!

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The article mainly focuses on incorporating the principles of Vastu into the primary power source of our homes- The Kitchen! Vastu Shastra is an ancient methodology to bring forth fortune and luck to our households by aligning its various elements according to the elements of nature. Harvesting the power of positivity and storing it for our family's prosperity.

House is a place where every individual feels calm,Guest Posting homely, and happy. Be it modern or traditional, every house has its essence of uniqueness. We generally take a lot of time in planning the designs of our house especially the Kitchen. The kitchen is one of the important aspects when it comes to housing. Although Kitchen is not highly prioritized, the need for having a well-structured, organized kitchen is important and a need of the hour. 

The kitchen is one such place in your house that is the busiest yet most used space at home. Thus we can say that Kitchen is the most important aspect of our livelihood. Mostly we can compromise on the design and outlook of Kitchen but what plays out an integral part is the compliance of Vastu.

Vastu is the science of home designs and that being said, the designs you might plan for your kitchen should be authentic and classy. As it influences a lot of factors like the happiness in your family, mood lightener, and bringing in fortune to your family. All these are attained by following Vastu Tips for Kitchen. 

The benefits of following Vastu tips for the Kitchen are plenty. Generally, Vastu is known for bringing good luck, happiness, and prosperity in one's life. So here we are with Vastu tips for Kitchen to add a spark of joy to your lives. Read on to know more;

1. Direction:

The direction of the kitchen or any other room plays a major role and acts as a base of home decor. That is one of the reasons why generally Vastu is stressed more on direction and placement. The best kitchen direction as per Vastu Shastra or the most ideal direction for Kitchen is the southeast direction of your home in which the south-east corner is pitch-perfect to install the gas stove in the kitchen

2. Wall Paints:

Unlike our lives, even our Kitchen should be filled with colors, Isn't it? Use Vibrant colors as wall paints for your Kitchen as they are known to be the best colors for the kitchen according to Vastu Shastra. As per Vastu, generally Vibrant colors keep your mood balanced and brighten up space better. Try not to use dark colors in the kitchen as this may drastically affect your livelihood. Colors like brown, Dark Blue, or black are not recommended as per Vastu Shashtra.

3. Cleanliness:

Your Washbasins, washing sinks, and drainage systems should be placed perfectly in the north or north-east direction of your home. Also, with that, you need to ensure that your sink is always cleansed and sparkling. By following this you could surely boost positivity. Vastu Shashtra recommends that in order to enhance harmony and happiness in your family, it is well suggested to balance the water and fire elements at home. 

4. Storage Spaces:

Organisation is the key and we all know that but a lot of us fail to apply the same everywhere. Organizing your things in cabinets, cup boards, etc will make your home look good and spacious. Organize storage spaces on the Western or Southern walls of your home as this is known to be an ideal side as per Vastu norms. Avoid using the opposite sides.

5. Electronic Gadgets:

A modern or modular kitchen remains incomplete without electronic gadgets. They play an important role in providing ease to our kitchen work routine. However, It is well suggested to place the electronic gadgets like an oven in the south-eastern direction of your kitchen. This will help in balancing the aesthetics of your kitchen as well as spread positivity in your life.

6. Ventilation:

Windows makes any room brighter and great and the same goes for your Kitchen. Make sure that your kitchen has at least 2 windows either large or small-sized. The kitchen generally you see a lot of vapor for which exhaust fans are required. As per Vastu, place the windows with exhaust fans on the south-east direction of your Kitchen. Make sure that your window doors are open towards the outside and not inside. Thus, A good spacious and ventilated Kitchen is best and ideal as per Vastu. 

7. Dining table:

Most of us generally stuff the dining table in the kitchen. However, to maintain the balance in natural elements and enhance calmness in the family, it is well recommended to place the dining table is outside the kitchen or plan the dining space in such a way that even if you place it in the kitchen, divide the dining and kitchen space partially with a set up of such. When the Dining table is placed at the centre in a way that looks like the heart of the space then it is claimed to be one of the best Vastu tips for the kitchen that you have followed. This ensures a good family atmosphere at home.

Also, there are a few things that you need to be cautious about like;

  • The kitchen should be clutter-free and any broken utensil should be removed immediately.
  • Make sure that the gas stove is not situated in a place beneath the storage cabinets as they may be a cause for negativity.
  • The dustbins and garbage cans that you place in your kitchen should be covered with a lid 

The best house is surely the house you dream about. Vastu Shashtra assists in enhancing the goodness in your plan. Vastu doesn't necessarily mean to keep your designs low key and simple. The basic positioning and placing of objects is the main motto behind it. These tips are well bound to Vastu. In today's scenario, it is very uncommon to see people following Vastu as our ancestors did.  

The need for Vastu tips for the kitchen is something every individual should understand and follow it strictly. It also exhibits positive energy around you and your family. If you are planning to go for the renovation then make sure that you go through the possibilities that are good and bad sides of your plans and designs as per Vastu. 

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