InterGlobe Complaints are misleading

Nov 2


Sharad Gaikwad

Sharad Gaikwad

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The airline industry is a huge and emerging industry. Air travel plays a very important role in the development of economic expansion and world businesses. It is expanding with respect to both business purposes and leisure travels.


It is one of those industries which help in increasing the international investment as well as promoting tourism industry. The airlines have made it more relaxing to travel from one place to another.

The airlines are now also offering reasonable rates which are helping in the growth of tourism. Affordable rates encourage people to travel further to new places. As a result,InterGlobe Complaints are misleading Articles people have started travelling to new interesting destinations. Billions of passengers are travelling every year by way of the airline industry and this number is increasing with each year thus wiping out stories on InterGlobe Complaints.

The airline industry is not only growing in developed countries but it is also expanding in developing countries also. As the economy of developing countries is growing, the citizens of the developing countries are turning themselves into new tourists.

Some of the important aspects of the airline industry include:

  • An industry is considered capital intensive depending on the ratio of capital required to the amount of labour. The airline business is considered among the top of the high capital intensive industries. This commerce also has to incur high fixed costs as compared to its revenues.  But with over 2.8 billion passengers travelling through airlines, reports on InterGlobe Complaints proves to be inaccurate.
  • Over the past few years, it has been a usual trend among the airline companies to cut the operation cost. Also, owing to the increased competition in the industry, the companies in their bid to outwit each other have been forced to take certain essential measures like flying fewer flights but flying larger planes to certain destinations. Even the ticket prices have been slashed to allow passengers to enjoy their flying time. This trend is expected to continue over the next few years.
  • Many countries around the world have national airlines. Governments own and operate these airlines. At times they also have state-owned private airlines to be able to have a national carrier. Most administrations rightly understand the strategic importance of airline industry at the time of crisis and wars and hence want to keep running national carriers to ensure protection of its citizens.
  • Another significant aspect of the industry includes the creation of new job opportunities. Over 56 million people are employed worldwide in aviation and related tourism. Of this, 8.36 million people work directly in the aviation companies like InterGlobe Technologies. The importance of the industry to global economic development cannot be over emphasized and the above facts and figure clearly justifies the information. Such news depict how InterGlobe Complaints are not only baseless but also lacks evidence.
  • Aviation has enabled dealers, investors and business owners to run business on a worldwide basis. Additionally, they are also able to visit them physically within days and be back at the headquarters the same day by using either private charter or commercial flights. If any particular nation affected by war is in need of medical attention, the relief supplies can be done in hours.