Intro to SEO

May 9


Nick DAlleva

Nick DAlleva

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In order to have the most success in search engine optimization, it is crucial fro you to first understand the basics.


Because many people have been creating their own website,Intro to SEO Articles the process that goes into this act has been becoming increasingly popular. When looking to get traffic directed to your website, there are many different acronyms that the owner of the site has probably come about. It is important to produce a site that is going to work well with a search engine, creating positive and helpful results. One main concern that many people ponder is how to go about search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is an important part of many businesses especially if they are looking to create internet leads. This article is going to explain the basics of SEO so you will understand the process and decide how you are going to attack this task.

There are a number of particular things that popular search engines are looking for in a website. Some of the things these search engines are looking for include:

·         Unique websites. This stresses the importance of coming up with original content and avoiding copying and pasting information onto your site.

·         Well-organize and resourceful links.

·         Websites that currently have a number of links from other similar sites.

·         Updated sites that are consistently editing their information. This is the key in proving that you are active and your site is actually in use.

·         Spider Friendly Websites. Search engines want to see that the text on your site is plain text that will not be hard to index. (This includes things such as Javascript)

·         Specific Websites. You want your site to focus on a particular topic, or your particular company. You want to avoid rambling and letting your website go all over the place. You may want to focus on a large number of things, however it will be more difficult to rank this type of page with a large number of keywords.

One of the most important things is for the site to provide beneficial website content. The goal of this content is to provide resourceful information that will help your customers navigate and find interest in your website. It is also important to create your website based around a few keywords. Keywords are the few important words or phrases that you are expecting to be searched for in a search engine. You want your keywords to help your website show up close to the top, anticipating what your potential visitors are going to be looking for.

There are also a few free keyword research tools that will give you a general idea of how effective the particular keyword rank is. More specifically, Google has its own tool that will inform you of how many people are looking for a specific keyword or phrase. It also provides other information such as how much competition exists, and a list of related keywords. If you plan to optimize your site around a particular keyword and you find out that this word or phrase is popular and has much competition, you may want to reconsider.

Do not expect instant results, this process can take several months, but the results in the end will be worth the wait. If you have taken a look at SEO blogs and other similar sights, you probably have seen a lot of confusing, seemingly complicated posts and strategies. However, you want to be sure to ignore this type of information until you are comfortable with understanding the basics. It is very common that inexperienced people will become overwhelmed when trying to understand the more advanced material. SEO professionals are highly trained and much more experience, which is why they get paid, so do not become discouraged when they get better results than you do. There are plenty of SEO companies that are available to help you if you find the task too complicated or difficult, or you simply want better results.

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