Irresistible Event Registrations: How to Overcome Objections About Credibility

Feb 14


Bill Flagg

Bill Flagg

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How can you build a relationship with people who object to registering for your event based on your credibility? Here are a few suggestions on improving the way your prospects view your event.


The Power of Credibility
When your event is either completely new to the market or you are trying to reach out to a new audience,Irresistible Event Registrations: How to Overcome Objections About Credibility Articles establishing up front credibility with your audience is important. Even if your event is well-established, re-enforcement of its credibility will help boost your attendance.

Establish Who You Are
Create credibility by establishing a unique identity such as an "Institute" or "Center" along with a description of your mission. For example, the "Center for Personal Finance" or "The National Institute of (fill in the blank)."

Use any industry or high-profile connections to establish and promote an advisory board. Use "big name" speakers or co-chairs along with their photos on all of your promotional materials. Your prospects will feel safer registering when they see familiar or official-sounding entities.

You’re in Good Company
Find yourself a reputable sponsor or co-sponsor and then shamelessly promote your partnership. If you have not yet established a reputation, "borrowing" someone else's can give you a tremendous attendance boost. You're smiling to yourself, but it's true!

Prominently promoting individuals and/or companies that have participated in past events can also launch instant credibility. Do you have notable speakers?

  • Jack Welch
  • Donald Trump
  • Martha Stewart
  • President of an industry leading company

Or promotable sponsors?

  • Cadillac
  • MetLife
  • An industry leading company

More importantly...are you promoting them?

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