Is It the Right Time to Sell Ethereum?

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Ethereum is the largest cryptocurrency platform. Interestingly there appears to be more time growth in 2021.

The fact about Ethereum that most fail to understand is that Ethereum is not a cryptocurrency. It's a platform for creating decentralized products. In fact,Guest Posting Ether is the currency that powers the Ethereum platform and its blockchain. Ethereum has been competing with the renowned Bitcoin since 2018. Interestingly, it came close to Bitcoin back in February 2018; however, both of these coins have hit an all-time high since then. With 2021, there appears to be more room for growth.

Still, the market is of cryptocurrency is volatile, and risk-averse customers can plan to sell Ethereum. But in the case of long-term investors, we don’t recommend you to sell Ethereum currently.

What Advantages Will You Miss If You Sell Ethereum Now?

The overwhelming performance of Ethereum has appealed to institutional and traditional investors alike. Similar to any other cryptocurrency platform, Ethereum also provides


Ethers are arguably one of the most liquid investment assets as it has a worldwide market share. Also, it offers an established trading platform, exchanges, and online brokerage service. You have the option to trade ETH for cash or assets like gold at an incredibly low fee. Digital currencies are the best purchase for long-term investment due to their high market demand.

Lower Inflation Risk

Ethereum is transparent and is not regulated by any government. In addition to that, it offers a transparent inflation plan and is subject to less risk. The blockchain system is infinite, and there's no need to worry about cryptos losing their values.

New Opportunities

Ethereum is a young cryptocurrency. New coins are slowly gaining momentum in the market. This comes with unpredictable swings in price and volatility, which creates opportunities for massive gains.

Disadvantages of Investment in Ethereum

Ethereum may play a significant part in the future of monetary exchange and global computing systems. However, there are other equally important areas you need to be aware of. Here are a few of the concerns surrounding cryptocurrency investment.

New Regulations

The government won't let cryptocurrencies remain unregulated for too long. New regulations may interfere with business models, which may crash, keeping it entirely out of control.

Online Hacking

Hacking is one of the biggest threats that any cryptocurrency owner may face. Crypto exchange board allows customers to buy and sell cryptos using a mobile app or website. This is quite risky as you are susceptible to hacking and theft of all the investment.

Loss of Wallet

If a virus corrupts your wallet file or the hard drive crashes, you may lose your cryptos. You can lose your investment within seconds, and there's no way to recover.

Final Wrap

Despite the guarantees that Ethereum has garnered, there's plenty of pressure from banks and regulators about its mercantilism. The questionable ICOs and the regulative pressure are what make a drop in the price considerably. Investing in any cryptocurrency can be terrible if you don’t recognize what you're doing. While no investment is safe, Ethereum is definitely experiencing a bullish market in recent times.

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