Lean Services in the Manufacturing Industry

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Lean manufacturing training services like 5S, TFM, TPM, TQM, TSM, THM on Oil Sector, Steel, Automobile, Healthcare, Education, Chemical etc.

Lean though started off in the manufacturing industry,Guest Posting is applicable and must in the service sector also.

Lean without application in the service sector is incomplete. Manufacturing produces products and business processes produce services. Both manufacturing and services are mutually exclusive yet dependent to enhance customer satisfaction.

Productivity, Quality, Cost and Delivery – the key indicators for growth, profitability and customer satisfaction can only be achieved and sustained if Lean Pillars and tools are applied in business processes as well.

5S, VSM, Cellular, Lean Layouts with Flow, Office TPM, TQM, Six Sigma, Heijunka, etc. are the major tools which can be applied, monitored and improved as per PDCA and SDCA cycle.

Not only application, but also the convergence of the principles and tools in synchronization in manufacturing and services is highly desirable.
The paradigm that Lean exists only for manufacturing and technical areas needs to be changed.

It is for the organization in entirety, in fact more for services as the machines have defined standard times, cycle times, which are miniscule in the total through put time.

The contribution of the business processes, due to high decision making time, immense internal documentation, bureaucratic procedures for approvals may be defined, but not standard, affecting the customer services directly or the manufacturing chain resulting in poor On Time, In full, Error free deliveries.

Lean has been successfully implemented in service sectors such as banks, healthcare, education, governments, distribution and logistics, warehousing, insurance, post, and many more.

Just as each and every body organ is important and has to be in perfect tandem with other organs, services are similar organs, which need to be perfect alignment with other organization operations.

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