Look at the animal world, you can get rid of your past worries

Feb 6




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Why most corporate employees worry a lot about their future and how the past contribute to the above....


Do life on earth is possible without past,Look at the animal world, you can get rid of your past worries Articles present and future?  Do animals also carry their past anguish and worry about the future?  Why most spiritual masters tell people to drop the past?  Is it easy to drop the past?  Is not, the past, an extension of the present, and present, the future?  If the present is an extension of the past, how the past can be dropped?  Can a tree grow without roots? 

It should be understood that the process of root formation in a tree is a continuous one and, it spread through the past-present-future (PPF). 

No evolution is possible if there is no past in memory of nature.  The luxuriant growth of fur in polar bear or sheep during winter has its cues from the past.  So is with the onset of summer, the shedding of fur happens in many animals.  How evolution has, favoured these animals to survive in different seasons?  Can this process be possible without carrying the ‘past’ in the memory?   

Evolution is a progressive process and not spontaneous.  Anything which is progressive in nature, how it will not have the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ of either past or future. 

If, the past cannot and should not be dropped, then why the past causes sorrow in our life?    Do animals also suffer like a man from ‘past attack’ and If not, why and how? 

The creative genius in animals helps them to see the past, present and future together and not separately.  Animals never cleave or divide the PPF and see them as three different entities or events.  In other words, only in the parentheses of the three tenses, animal life cradles.  

Scientific studies have shown that all animals in the jungle be it a predator or a prey, always are very alert.  When they sleep or feed or nurse, the alertness can be seen in their eyes.  The remote controlled photographic studies on even the sedentary and subterranean animals also have proven the fact that they always live with a high level of alertness.    What does this alertness denote?  If they are not alert, they may be killed by others.  This is a memory.  Memory code the past and action born out of memory in the present is always directed towards the future.   See, every movement and moment of animals life is filled with past, present and future.  But interestingly, they exist in animal life ‘together’ and not separately. 

How does past, present and future exist in the life of corporate employees?  They never exist together.  They exist separately.  In every corporate man, there is a man with past, present and future live.   Besides people picking up conflicts with others, the man of past, present and future within everyone pick up quarrels and commotions with each other.   This is the birth place of all problems and worries.

Do not attempt to drop the past nor stop thinking or worrying about the future.  Carry the past and, worry about the future but be in the present.  Use the ‘past’ wisely at ‘present’ to build the future.   When you travel to the past or to the future while being in the present, confusion starts. 

Your future can be like your past, but remember, your present is not like your past.  When you think of a possibility, you also must remember that you have the capability to change the possibility as well.  What you can understand, you can change and what you cannot understand, you cannot change.  Change does not mean, changing ‘A’ to ‘B’.  Accepting ‘A’ to be as ‘A’ and it cannot be changed is also a change. 

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