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Jun 25


Corbin Spicer

Corbin Spicer

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Top Makeup Boxes Design Suggestions for Cosmetic Businesses


There is hardly any women in the United States who does not like makeup products. A number of brands make cosmetic items for ladies due to the high demand. Young girls use different kinds of makeup products as compared to the aged women,Makeup Boxes Articles this is why there is a huge range of products that are sold in the market. High demand of cosmetic products also means high demand of makeup boxes and packaging stuff for cosmetics. Not only the demand is increasing, the competition between the cosmetic products is also increasing day by day. Companies has now started using their packaging for the marketing of their makeup products because the visual appealing packaging can make an impressive impact on the customers.

If you are also thinking to enter the cosmetic business then you have to make a strong strategy about marketing of your product in the market. You have to make packaging that can promote your product and can help you make impact in few days. A better style of packaging boxes and colorful printing on them can play a big role in making your product stand out in the market. This is because ladies get attracted to those products that have better presentation and look unique. You can check different box designs for makeup packaging that are already being used by different companies. The reason for this is that you want to come up with a better printing and structural design of the box that can catch the attention of the customers in the store. Some cosmetic box designs are explained in detail below.

Rigid set up boxes with inserts

If you are a new cosmetic product manufacturer in the United States and want to promote your product then packaging in rigid boxes can help you. The elegant outlook of the rigid boxes let you grab the customer attention within no time. These boxes gives a fabulous un-boxing experience to the customer and provide you the chance to boost your brand. If you want to send customers your new makeup item then you must pack it in the rigid boxes depending on the type of product. When your customer will receive it, he/she will get surprised with the amazing outlook of the boxes. The inserts added on the boxes are usually made of foam and will provide protection to your products like perfume, eye shadows and foundation.

For cosmetic brands that are already established can use the setup cosmetic boxes to pack gifts like perfumes, lipsticks and lashes. The best part of these gift boxes is that you do not have to make use of add-ons to give an outlook of gift. These boxes are heavy and have a tremendous feel of gift when the recipient receives it from the client. So, there is no need to embellish the boxes with the help of additional decorative. The set up boxes can be made for complete makeup kit as well as for the shaving sets because the inserts help to separate the products from each other.

Fancy two piece cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are common for cosmetic packaging but for makeup kits, many brands customize two piece boxes to keep several products in a single box for makeup. They are made fancy by printing with bright colors like red, pink and yellow. Reason for making the boxes colorful is to get the attention of the customer in the store. Two piece boxes can be made with sleeve and tray style in which the sleeve slides over the tray and look unique from the other packaging boxes. Other kinds of two piece boxes include the lid and base in which the lid can be complete removed and is printed with different designs, logo and company tagline. Apart from two piece style of boxes, cardboard material is used to make a number of stylish boxes that can promote new brands.

Display boxes for colorful presentation of makeup products

When it is about showcasing the product with stylish appearance, display boxes are perfect. They are widely used for products like lipsticks, glosses and other eye cosmetic products. The advantage of using display boxes is that you can showcase number of products in a simple box and that look very mesmerizing to customers entering the cosmetic stores. Plus, these die cut boxes are made from sturdy cardboard that do not lose its shape even after a long time. If you customize Kraft boxes to be used for the display of makeup items, it will not sustain for a longer period of time. Therefore a better material like cardboard and corrugated to make display boxes for makeup items.

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