Mens Designer Suits: Statements Of Influence And Impeccable Taste

Jul 20


Vintage Suits

Vintage Suits

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The quality of the suit that a man is wearing says a lot about his personality. The Fashion world has been really kind to us by coming up with varied men's designer suit options, suited for different occasions and seasons. We have so many choices, but the final decision that we make must be based on various factors such as personality, body type, occasion, climatic conditions and dress code. It is always a great idea to take suggestions from an expert stylist so as to look absolutely flawless. Even if you are going for a designer wear suit, don't forget to check on the quality and go for the reliable sources to avail that perfect designer suit.


There are women that describe men as basic,Mens Designer Suits: Statements Of Influence And Impeccable Taste Articles simple, and blunt. When men are hungry, they eat. When men have issues with someone, they keep quiet and move on, or they tell them off and then move on. The womanly trait of smiling at an enemy and biting their tongue is not a man’s best quality. The components of the male world are fascinating, especially when it comes to the male wardrobe. Several studies on male buying habits indicate some men buy mens Italian suits online because they want to make a style statement. Most men buy suits that reflect their personality. Men’s buying habits vacillate with the weather, a special event, and who they will see.  
An Impeccably Tailored Suit Is A Statement Of Style And Good Taste
mens designer suit speaks volumes about the man wearing it. There are at least five versions of modern Italian mens suits that are popular today, and all of them are a representation of good taste. Good taste, however, is like beauty; it is in the eye of the beholder. So what one man calls good taste may not be the taste, another man calls good. But in spite of the philosophical differences, men find a way to buy suits that express their emotional and personal taste level at different times in their lives. The first modern suit, the Brioni suit, hit the big screen in 1995 in the James Bond movies. Brioni suits scream with class, thanks to super luxurious fabrics and a clean-cut, two button tailored jacket and straight legged pants. Some Brioni-type suits are concoctions of pashmina, vicuna, and qiviuk. Those three hard to pronounce fabrics and the price of those suits reflect the status of the suits. Only one hundred of those crazy fabric men’s suits are handmade each year, and that is why only men like James Bond can afford them. But there are other Brioni-type suits on the market that sell for decent prices.  
The Godfather suit is a classic suit now and forevermore. Ermenegildo Zegna is the brand men who wear the Made in Italy label love to love. Zegna is still an innovative brand even though the brand is more than a century old. The standard Godfather suit with wide lapels, baggy pants, and a six or eight button front, is still a great suit. Zegna makes the Godfather suit with hot-and-cold- resistance fabrics as well as a stain resistant fabric that has crease-resistant qualities. Zegna was the first brand to introduce those types of fabrics to the market, but other Italian suit makers sell them as well. Once again, the price can get in the way when men pick the Zegna Godfather suit as their version of affluence and good taste. Other brands make Godfather suits, and other mens Italian suits they are just as tasteful.  
Tom Ford created the sexiest suit alive in 2006, according to the men that love to ooze with sex appeal. Ford suits give men a classic look using strong shoulders, a fitted waist, and pants that flatter and lengthen the legs. The Ford suit or the Mad Men  suit is available in from other brands. There are versions of a Ford three piece suit mens fashion buyers say are show stoppers. Men who wear a Ford-type suit feel provocative, stylish, intelligent, and captivating.  
Another Italian suit brand, Lubiam, is another trendy suit maker. Lubiam uses impeccable cuts, high-tech and innovative designs, and three-dimensional fabrics. The suits have the best blend of wool, silk, and cashmere on the market. If cool is still the word to describe a suit with star quality that would be the word to use for these Italian suits. They are uber cool.  
The Romantic Suit is the mens tuxedo suit. And one thing that never goes out of fashion is romance. Men need a tuxedo even though they may only wear it once or twice a year. The Tux is the epitome of good taste, but it must fit the individual. Off the rack, tux rentals don’t qualify as romantic suits unless they fit the way a tux should fit. The shoulder pads must stop at the shoulders, and the pants should drape freely down to the top of the shoes. Nothing looks worse than a tuxedo that doesn’t fit.  
What Does A Suit Say About The Man Wearing It?
Some women like to classify men in suits. They say there are three distinct groups of suit wearers. The first group always looks good no matter what they wear. And they keep their eyes on fashion trends. Unfortunately, the group is small. The second group contains the men who don’t really care what they look like in a suit. They appear sloppy and feel uncomfortable. Those men prefer a T-shirt and torn jeans. The third group falls somewhere in the middle. This group includes suit wearing novices who haven’t found their suit mojo. The third group also includes men who want comfort more than fashion.  
There is an Italian suit for every man. The big names in fashion design demand big price tags, but not every man wants to take out a small loan to cover the cost of an Italian suit. Every man has an image they want to project. And the image changes with the event, the people who might see the suit, and the emotional state the man is in when he puts the suit on. The suit buying process is a personal and emotional experience, and those characteristics register at different points in time. That’s why it takes time to find suits that will fit the body and the mind. The body and the mind should be one when a man puts on any type of mens designer suit. When the mind and the body are in sync, wearing a suit become part of the nature of the man. What that nature looks like is up to the man and the suit.