What Does Formal Attire Really Mean In Men’s Formalwear?

Jul 20


Vintage Suits

Vintage Suits

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Men's formal wear has its own grace that can never be replaced. It is an age old fashion that surely gives a unique standing in the crowd. Before making the final decision on the clothing that you would be wearing at a close event, be sure about the theme and requirements of the same. Always act like a well-informed shopper so as to make a great investment in terms of time and seek complete value for money. Always gather alternatives and then make the final decision after taking recommendations from the experts to be on a safer side. Also, try to make versatile choices in men's formal wear that allow you to practice mix and match whenever needed.


In ancient Egypt,What Does Formal Attire Really Mean In Men’s Formalwear? Articles the Pharaohs would marry their sisters and daughters so the dynastic bloodline would remain pure. Middle and lower class citizens didn’t follow that practice. Weddings were formal and colorful feasts with dancing, singing, beautiful clothing and lots to drink. Marriage was a formal and enforceable act, but men weren’t wearing the popular cobalt blue suit wedding style at that time. Men’s formal wear was still primitive. Other civilizations made the wedding a more formal event, and men began to dress for the occasion. Women would put on extravagant gowns, and men would dress in black long coats and ties.    The Birth Of Formal Events And The Mysteries Of Wearing Men’s Formal Attire The birth of the first formal event is unknown, but England was the first country to introduce Men's Formalwear to the social scene. When America won freedom, formal events of all kinds were celebrations to honor victories, unity, and marriage. Men have come a long way in terms of formal attire since the English/American split. Formalwear has a different meaning in the modern world, and the words ‘Formal Event’ doesn’t always mean real formal attire for men in today’s world.    Most men get an invitation for a wedding at some point, and at the bottom of the invitation are three dreaded words: Black Tie Optional. Should a man wear a cobalt three-piece suit or a black tuxedo? Men must face the mysteries of formal wear, and the best way to do that is to understand the terminology that exists in today’s formal event world. But the first tip and the most important tip is, pay attention to fit first. No one will recognize the merits of a sky blue suit blazer or a white dinner jacket if it doesn’t fit correctly. The shoulder pads should end at the shoulders, and the sleeves should hit the base of the thumb. The shirt cuffs should peek out about half an inch, and pants should have a one-inch break at the bottom.    The truth is, Formal wear can be baffling. There is nothing worse than showing up at a formal event in a handsome royal blue mens suit, and every else is wearing black tailcoats. Understanding the mysteries of formal attire takes research and a little patience.    The Formal Invitation Can Mean Different Formal Wear For Men A formal invitation that says ‘White Tie’ at the bottom doesn’t mean men should just wear a white tie. A white tie event is as formal as it gets. The opera, a gala, or a big-budget wedding are usually white tie events. These events don’t leave must wiggle room for men in terms of style. The most formal formalwear means a black or navy tailcoat, matching trousers with a satin seam, a white-winged collar dress shirt, a waistcoat, bow tie, kidskin white gloves, white silk scarf, boutonniere, cufflinks, and a black top hat. The White tie rules are strict. No fake flowers, the tailcoat has to be black or dark navy, and the pocket watch rules over the wristwatch. But the top hat and gloves can stay at home these days. No one expects men to look like they just came from a Fred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers dance party.    The ‘Black Tie’ invitation is formal but not as formal as the white tie invite. The classic black tux rules at a black tie event. Pants with the satin stripe down the seam, black cummerbund, bow tie and white-winged collar shirt are part of the black tux ensemble. But the regular collar shirt and a long tie are in fashion these days and so is the navy blue tux.    The ‘Black Tie Optional’ invitation gives men a choice. Men can pull the tux out of the back of the closet, or they can just wear their favorite suit. But that favorite suit should be navy, gray, or black. A solid tie and a collared white shirt will suffice for this type of event.    If the invitation just says ‘Formal,’ the dress restrictions are more relaxed. Men can wear any color suit and tie. And some men forget the tie and give the open-collar look a try. Even a patterned shirt is acceptable at this event, but the everyday work suit is a no-no at a ‘Formal’ event.    The ‘Day Formal’ invitation is rare, but it is a choice when a wedding is a daytime event. Men normally wear a black tailcoat, tan waistcoat, and gray satin-striped pants to this type of event. The ‘Beach Formal’ event is a relative newcomer to the formal event category. A white, cream, or light blue cotton or linen suit is best. Forget the tie and shoes since these events usually take place on the beach.    The ‘Semi-Formal’ invitation doesn’t mean men’s casual attire. Semi-formal means a dark suit, white shirt, and great dress shoes. But if the invitation says ‘Evening Semi-Formal,’ men must break out the black or navy tux, and all the stuff that makes it a tuxedo. And don’t forget the right shoes. Sneakers are taboo at a semi-formal event.    The ‘Cocktail’ invitation means dressing for the occasion. A dark suit will work if the event is an academic lecture or a mixer with the boss. But if the event is an art show, men can show their creativity by dressing the way they feel as long as the outfit is tasteful and unique. Even a pair of loafers with a suit is okay. And a pair of smoking sandals will work with a cobalt blue 3 piece suit.    Wearing Men's Formalwear doesn’t stop when the invitation says ‘Casual,’ ‘Business Casual,’ or ‘Casual and Dressy Casual.’ Men should stay away from shorts, sweat pants, athletic-inspired clothing and any other choice that is not invitation worthy. A nice polo shirt, dress pants, and a blazer will work for any of those events. Some men leave the blazer at home and that works too.