Metal Roofing Cost Guide

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Looking for answers on how much metal roofing cost? Don’t worry because this guide will help you learn about roofing materials prices, especially those made up of metal.

You’ll be able to make your own roof estimate with this guide. But before anything else,Guest Posting let’s first discuss why you should go with metal roofs. After familiarizing yourself with it, we’ll then jump to the metal roofing cost.Whether it’s for residential or business, metal roofs are among the popular choices of today. In fact, a lot of home owners who are looking at replacing roof shingles are already changing to metal sheet because of the advantages it has to offer. Let’s compare. The typical asphalt shingle roofs usually have a life span of about twelve to seventeen years. However, a well-installed metal roof can actually last for more than fifty years. If you ask owners who have metal roof shingles, you will learn that a lot of them have lasted even more than seventy five years. That’s how durable metal roofs can be.Now, typically, there are two types of metal roof that you can choose from. First, the aluminum shingle is made up of interlocking metal tiles that give you a traditional look. Some wouldn’t even notice that it’s actually metal. It helps in preventing ice dams and shed snow and ice at the same time. On the other hand, the standing seam is made up of vertical metal roofing panels. These are secured by fasteners that are hidden. It’s actually maintenance free and gives your home a modern touch to it. You can choose from three different types of panels for this kind. You can choose from steel, aluminum, or copper. Of course, the metal roofing cost for copper is obviously the most expensive as of now.What’s great about metal roofing is that you can usually qualify for a tax credit with it. If you plan on replacing your roof, it’s best to replace it with a material that you can get money in return. The reason why it qualifies for a tax credit is because it is an environmentally friendly material. It helps your roof keep cool and at the same time a lot of manufacturers make use of recycled metal for their metal roofs. Thus, not only do you help Mother Nature, but you are also helping yourself. No more roof replacement after another 15 years. In fact, this will probably be the last roof you install in your home.Now you’re probably wondering about the cost of roofing with a metal roof. So if metal roofs are that great, how come some people still go for the asphalt roofs? The price is usually the reason why people still opt for asphalt. The metal roofs are on the expensive side as they are about three times the price of the usual asphalt roofs. The materials used in metal roofs are more expensive especially that the installation process is more technical and complex. It is more time-consuming to install metal roofs. In fact, it may take up to three times longer than the usual installation of an asphalt roof. Now that you’ve got an idea of metal roofing cost, it’s time to crunch numbers. If you have money to spare, installing metal roofs can actually save you in the long run. It offers energy savings, increases the value of your home, and requires no maintenance. At the same time, this will probably be your last roof in your home. Think about it.

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