Mighty Mule Gate Opener – The Trusted Name For Gate Openers

Dec 17


Gavin Cruise

Gavin Cruise

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Gate openers offer the convenience of opening and closing the gate without the need to go out and in the vehicle. However, not all gate openers in the market are a good investment. You've got to trust only the best such as the Mighty Mule Gate Opener.

A Mighty Mule gate opener is an ideal pick,Mighty Mule Gate Opener – The Trusted Name For Gate Openers Articles no matter what reason you have for opening or closing your ranch, farm, or home gate. This automatic gate opener is considered as the industry's leading gate opener simply because it can be installed even if you are not a professional gate opener installer. Aside from that, it uses low voltage power, allowing it to be operated using a battery only. If you are considering the Mighty Mule gate opener for your home and/or farm, you may find some of the below information important or simply interesting to know. Mighty Mule gate openers can work on any type of gates, including tube, chain link, wood, ornamental, and vinyl. To determine which gate opener works right for you, here are some common questions you may need to answer. 1.    Are you going to use this automatic or electric gate opener in a single or dual gate?2.    Does your gate slide or swing?3.    Does your gate swing towards or away your property?4.    How long is your gate leaf?5.    How much does your gate leaf weight?6.    Is an AC power source used by the gate?The Mighty Mule gate opener may also be accessorized with gate opener accessories, such as:1.    Single Button Entry Transmitter – this includes adjustable code settings and a visor clip. This standard transmitter is included in the ever gate opener kit from Mighty Mule. 2.    Dual Button Key Chain Transmitter – this is similar to the single button entry transmitter except that it has a key chain and second button. 3.    Digital Keypad – this can be installed either as a wired or wireless keypad. You can program this to use up to 25 different PIN coders. This is often utilized with one of the parts of the gate opener to add an extra layer of security for your property.4.    Wireless Intercom/Keypad – this is a versatile digital intercom that comes with a keypad system. It is perfect for residential application since it can accept up to 4 base units for maximum flexibility. 5.    Push Button Control – this has an unlit doorbell button either for exit control or remote entry. 6.    Gate Opening Sensor – this is an electromagnetic gate sensor that offers a "hands-free" operation of the gate opener. 7.    Garage Door Receiver – this allows you to use the entry transmitter to operate multiple gate or garage door openers. 8.    5 or 10 watt solar panel – this solar panel is for 30 watts of charging power for different models of Mighty Mule gate opener.9.    Low Voltage Wire - this is utilized to connect the solar panel or the AC powered transformer to the control board. You may also use this to connect the accessories to the main gate. 10.    Pin Lock – serves as the substitute or to replace the clevis pin located at the front mounting points of all the available Mighty Mule gate openers. 11.    Automatic Gate Lock – this is for an added security of your Mighty Mule gate opener.