Nine points to improve the precision of welded steel pipe wall thickness

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Detailed list nine measures to improve the precision of welded steel pipe wall thickness.

Measures to improve the precision of welded steel pipe wall thicknessThe control of steel pipe wall thickness is a hard bit of steel pipe production. Measures to boost the wall thickness accuracy mainly includes the following several aspects:

1,Guest Posting the tube billet heatingHeat evenly, banning elevating temperature rapidly. Keep smooth slow when changing the temperature, the maximum lift temperature no more than 30.

2, centering rollerCheck whether centering roller installed in place, adjust the center of related core roller and opening angle, keep the opening size of each action the same and the rolling line in the center of the spindle.

3, the centerline of rollingTo ensure that the punch center line of rolling consistent with perforated center line of the car, to avoid "rolling" or "rolling", keep the tube billet in perforated force uniform.

4, rolling toolChange the wear head, guide plate, roll and other rolling tool in time.

5, rolling tool installationRoller distance and the center of the guide must be on the rolling line.Ensure the guide spacing and roll away from the center line in the center of the perforation of rolling line, roller distance and equal, left and right guide equal distance.

6, perforated plungerPerforated plunger, generally choose outside diameter for Φ108 mm-Φ114 mm , wall thickness ≥ 25 mm and wall thickness uniformity or thick wall pipe.

7, rolling machine core rodMandrel should choose thick wall pipe processing, for small size core rod, solid billet can be used instead.Wall thickness uniformity of thick wall tube and solid billet, can reduce the probability of mandrel bending deformation greatly, can improve the precision of steel tube wall thickness.

8, the precision of the mandrelThe mandrel slenderness is larger, general outside diameter thread first and groove welding, or use the long expected directly turning to shape. Core rod machining precision control in ±0.1 mm, mandrel straight degree deviation is less than 5 mm.When welding, insert a finish machining of pin position, in order to prevent the welding caused the total degree of welded steel pipe deviation is too large.

9, perfect processImprove process and prevent the situation happening such ad middle thin and wall thickness increasing, increase the wall thickness accuracy.

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