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 An organization is created and designed to fulfill the needs of the people.It is important as it determines how the organization will run to meet its objectives and determines various methods used in a business to set up division and specialization of labor focusing on maintaining co-ordination to achieve the targets. 

An Organization in simple terms can be defined as a unit of people working together in a coordinated and organized way to achieve a common business goal. Business is all about people. An organization is created and designed to fulfil the needs of the people. How best we can achieve this by working together as collective unit is the aim of any organisation. Organizational behaviour is another aspect of an organization which deals with the behaviour of individuals or groups within an organisation and how that behaviour affects the performance of the organization. It is important as it determines how the organization will run to meet its objectives and determines various methods used in a business to set up division and specialization of labour focusing on maintaining co-ordination to achieve the targets. There are various theories and approaches that have been propounded so far,Guest Posting to understand and get a fair idea about behaviour of various organizations. This report focuses on two major companies in UK which are ASDA and British Airways. It also compares and contrasts the organization structure, organization behaviour of the two organizations and highlights the culture and leadership behaviour prevailing in the company along with the motivational theories that are adopted by the company. The report ends with stating the nature of various groups existing in a company and its influence on other staff’s behaviour. Also the report highlights the pros and cons of working in a team and the impact of technology on ASDA.

Relationship between ASDA’s structure and culture

An organizational structure and culture are integrated in the management systems and creates a difference between a smooth operating organization and the one in anarchy. The structure of an organization is the foundation of its culture. An organized structure and strong culture plays an important role in constructing the personality of an employee. The rules, regulation and working environment deeply impact the behaviour of an employee. A company’s performance depends on the performance of each and every employee working for the organization. Level of satisfaction of an employee determines his/her performance. Thus organization structure and its’ culture are the factors that determines its performance.

ASDA follows hierarchical and functional type of organizational structure and communal culture. The organizational structure followed in ASDA results in lack of communication between different groups, each group works separately. Also the lower group of people feels some sense of dissatisfaction because they do not play any active role in taking decision. In order minimize these loopholes communal culture is very important for ASDA so that the organization could give better performance. Thus, a culture helps in providing better and positive working environment. The common objective helps in enhancing the level of commitment given by the employee. The relationship between structure and culture forms the rules and regulations of the company which are accepted and followed by the employees.  The organizational structure and culture provide a common motive helps the company to perform better.

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