Primark Marketing Orientation

May 24


Emma Zoe

Emma Zoe

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Primark is an international company which is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods and is headquartered in Dublin, This article; discuss different marketing Orientation of Primark Company and what is the cost and benefits of marketing orientation.


Marketing orientation could be termed as a strategy that helps Primark in identifying the exact need of the customers and provides the different ways to produce or sell the product to the customers that makes it different to its competitors. The marketing orientation also uses as a strategy or philosophy or plan that helps in gaining the competitive advantage over the customers. There are five orientations that come under the marketing orientations which are as follows:

Product orientations: in this orientation,Primark Marketing Orientation Articles Primark need to focus only on the product of the company such as clothes etc. and find out the reasons to refine the product line of the company.

Sales orientations: Primark needs to focus on what the company is selling rather than what is making. The sales orientation pays a very small focus on the needs of the customers of the company.

Production orientation: Production orientation includes the focusing on the production process and increases its efficiency without focus on anything else. The main motive is to make the product highly available in the market.

Market orientation: Market orientation is focusing on the satisfaction of the need of the customer that is not targeted by the competitors. In this, Primark has to mould its activities, decisions and actions towards the satisfaction of the need of the customer.

Societal orientation: the society, culture and the environment is focused while making the decision by the organisation to gain the profit.

The benefits and cost associated to the marketing orientation: with the benefits of the marketing orientation the cost are always associated with this. The benefits and costs are as follows:

 The benefits are:

  • Increment in sale of the clothes and the accessories produced by Primark.
  • Increment in the level of satisfaction of customer.
  • Healthy working environment and relationship with customer.
  • Improvement in the financial figure of Primark.

The associated costs are:

  • Cost of research and survey conducted by Primark.
  • Cost of Group discussion of experts of market on finding the exact need of the customer in fashion retail.
  • Cost of internal meeting of employees to present their views on marketing orientation.

According to me the best orientation for Primark is market orientation in which the customer of the company would be new and it also reduce the risk of forecasting and guessing for the future need of the customer. The cost of market orientation would be high for Primark as it includes the research and survey but would give the best benefits out of other orientations. The value of the product high when the benefits id over than the associated cost of the products.

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