Performing Your Own Residential Fire Sprinkler Inspection

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It is essential to perform a monthly as well as a twice yearly residential fire sprinkler inspection. By so doing you can ensure that the system is working properly.

A fire sprinkler at home or at work can be a lifesaver and is not something that you want to be without. These systems are always on-duty and been shown to be effective when it comes to saving lives as well as to saving property in the event that a fire breaks out. To ensure that the system that you have is working properly and is in a position to do its work a fire sprinkler inspection is required.

While fire sprinklers do not require a lot of time-consuming maintenance,Guest Posting they do require some. A periodic fire sprinkler inspection is a necessity to ensure that it remains in top working order.

As long as your sprinkler system is relatively basic you should be able to perform an inspection yourself. If you have a complex one then you may wish to call in a professional.

There are some things that should be done on a monthly basic when it comes to the well being of your sprinkler set-up. A visual fire sprinkler inspection needs to play an important role. This check is required because you want to ensure that there is nothing that is causing any type of obstruction with your sprinkler. An obstruction would adversely affect the spray pattern of the water.

You need to do a walk about in your house to make sure that nothing is hanging from or caught in any of the sprinkler heads. Check carefully to be satisfied that there are no obstructions within 18 inches of any direction of the heads of the sprinkler. If there are then they need to be removed.

The fire sprinkler inspection does not end there. Hold on as there is more to do! There are things you must do at least twice throughout the calendar year. In order to remember the twice a year thing give your system a check when you change your clocks and when it is time to replace the batteries in your smoke detector(s). Using the power of association can help you to remember what it is you need to do.

One item that you need to focus upon in particular is the pressure gauge of the sprinkler system. It needs to be working correctly or there will be a problem for sure! For those who are not exactly sure where to look for the pressure gauge it can be found in the same vicinity as the entrance to your home for the water system pipe. Generally speaking, the pressure for the gauge should sit somewhere between 40 PSI to 75PSI.

If you believe that the pressure is too low then you should call a licensed fire sprinkler installer to come to your home and take a close look at it. If on the other hand you think that the pressure maybe too high then a flush test will need to be conducted. After the test you must watch closely to see if the pressure drops back down to a range that is normal.

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