Penile Papules and Other Embarrassing Conditions

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If you are embarrassed by penile papules or other physical conditions, relax! You're not alone and there are steps you can take to alleviate the problem and get on with your life.

If you have penile papules or another embarrassing physical condition,Guest Posting you might be hiding out in your room instead of looking for love in all the right places. Men are supposed to be rough, tough, and thick skinned enough so that nothing bothers them. Right? Well, looks can be misleading. Guys are humans, too. If you have physical conditions that make you feel less than your ultimate macho and studly self, you may be developing an inferiority complex. What's a guy to do?

Penis Problems

Penile papules can be a bothersome problem for a guy. These tiny, white dome-like bumps surround the crown of a penis. Before a man hears the diagnosis from his doctor, he may sweat bullets because he thinks he's developed a deadly disease or an STD. His life and manliness may flash before his eyes and his ego might just wilt. If this sounds like you, relax. Luckily, PPP is simply a quirky trait that lots of guys have. It usually develops during the age span of twenty to thirty-something and may continue into old age. There are cosmetic fixes that can remedy the problem and many potential girlfriends out there are more understanding than they look. Other pesky privates' problems that men worry about are penises that lean to the left or to the right or those that aren't big enough. What all men need to know is that a lot of guys have leaning towers of penis and women couldn't care less. As far as size, remember the old saying: It's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean.

Other Self Esteem Crushers

Bad breath and B.O. are two other challenges that crush some guys' self esteem. If you suffer from bad breath, it's wise to give up the onions, garlic, pepperoni and brush your teeth after every meal. It's also smart to floss regularly to get rid of the particles that hide between your teeth. If the problem persists, it's wise to see the dentist or even a doctor because it may have to do with stomach problems. B.O. can be curbed with regular showers, deodorant soap, and washing your tee-shirts in hot water. If excessive sweating is the problem, injections of BOTOX can put a stop to that river of perspiration.

Whether it's penile papules, a crooked or small penis, bad breath, or B.O., you can fix the problem as well as your self esteem. No one's perfect! Taking steps toward alleviating the problem and/or accepting them can get you back out the door and into the fast lane of the dating world. There's some woman out there just waiting for you to show up as your unique and manly self.

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