Prey animals are stronger than predators

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The corporate subordinates must learn that they are most competent and intelligent but carry great fear.....

Where rest ones strength?  How the employees,Guest Posting in particular, subordinates can win in corporate world? Is the winning chance/the winning strength depending on the number of weapons one has or the knowledge and belief of how to use them appropriately? Is it difficult or easy to find an answer such question?

To obtain an unbiased answer, one has to look and learn from the nature. Such learning is must for every corporate employee.  A study on the behavioural instincts of the prey and predatory animals will give plenty of learning opportunity to the corporate on the above subject. 

Constitutively, all the prey animals in general are massive and well built.  They have great physical strength to run, plenty of food to eat, very powerful hearing and astute sense of smell.  Besides all these, the prey animals are also in general social living/gregarious creatures.  When they live in such big group, the chance of sensing the danger at least by one of the members of the group is very high and hence the entire team could become alert.  The prey animals also have very long, curved, branched horns/tusks for attacking their enemy.  The prey animals also get the warnings from other animals like birds or monkeys about the danger well in advance.  The long neck of giraffe would help the animals to see the danger miles ahead.  Ironically, will all the above descriptions/qualities, the prey animals remain as prey animals in the nature. 

On the contrary, the predators does not get food so frequently or may get sparingly, does not have the ability to run long distance and their body ordour is very distinct & distinguishable for all most all the prey animals. Generally the predatory animals are lesser numbers and once their presence is recognized early by other animals, the hunting success is bleak.  Despite all these odds they remain as very successful predators. 

What is wrong with the prey or what is going right with the predator?  Answer to this question will give a very clear answer to the problems between the boss and the subordinate in most corporate.

Prey animals have enormous strength and weapons to fight.  Most of those weapons, these animals carry just for a show.  They never use them to fight their predator or may be using very rarely and amateurishly.  None of the prey animals seems to believe in their weapons and fear the predator the most.  This is the reason why despite being very strong and powerful, the prey animals become prey to the predator. 

This is the true life story of the subordinates in most corporate.  They get scared of their boss. They behave like prey species to their boss.  The subordinates in general will be more competent and knowledgeable in their domain, but fear as weak before the stupidity of the boss.  They carry all their talents, knowledge and intellect as an ornament that can be stolen by anyone at any time. 

Subordinates must learn to use their ‘weapons’ and ‘must fight’ to win in corporate. If they fail to do so, they would become a ‘boar’ nice meal to the lion or a tiger.   

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