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A lot of these people immigrate to Canada through an Express Entry visa. It is one of the most common and preferable ways for a lot of Indians deciding to immigrate to Canada, that and being a student.

Every year thousands of immigrants arrive in Canada for different purposes,Guest Posting some enter for further studies or to work or just live with their family. There are some really good agencies offering Canada immigration in Ahmedabad, like First Step Immigration. They are one of the best Canada visa consultant in Ahmedabad and have got a reputation for helping people get an Express Entry visa for Canada successfully. 

Is it really difficult in Canada to find a job?

People often wonder and are quite anxious about getting work in Canada after they reach there. It is common anxiety in anyone who is thinking of going abroad to make a better life for themselves. But the good thing is that Canada has a large number of opportunities for people coming to the country through different visas, be it work permits, permanent residency, or student visa. 

In recent times when more and more people are going to Canada, this question is quite common to come up with. But you will be surprised to know that immigrants arriving in Canada through the way of getting an express entry are actually performing much better than many Canadian-born job applicants or workers and other immigrants arriving in the country. 

Express Entry visa

Canada’s most applied to and most preferred application management system is Express Entry. It applies to the three federal economic class immigration programs like: Canadian Express Class, Federal Skilled Traders Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program. You can get the detailed information regarding this through any Canada work permit consultants in Ahmedabad. 

The Express Entry system for a Canadian visa was launched in 2015. This was done to allow the Canadian Government to manage applications better in a more easy and dynamic manner. The Express Entry system also gives the Canadian Government better select immigrants more capable of becoming a part of the Canadian workforce or labor market. Any good Canada work visa consultants in Ahmedabad can make you understand this really well. 

A competitive system

According to the IRCC report, all the immigrants who are arriving through Express Entry visa perform much better in the labor market compared to Canadian-born job applicants, workers, and other immigrants. This has only happened due to the strict and competitive selection criteria for Express Entry. The entire system is quite competitive and difficult to crack. But when you have the guidance of the right Canadian immigration services in Ahmedabad, you can easily achieve it. 

Comprehensive Ranking System

Any Express Entry candidates who fall under one of the three entry categories receive a Comprehensive Ranking System. Under the Comprehensive Ranking System, there are different aspects that are considered like age, language skills, education, work experience, and familial ties to Canada. Any candidates who are under the age of 45, have good work experience, have English/French skills, a strong level of education can receive a better ranking in the Comprehensive Ranking System. 

Your chances of scoring are better under a CRS system when you have ties to Canada, working or studying in Canada, obtaining provincial nomination, having a sibling living in Canada, or having a job offer. The Comprehensive Ranking System is a very systematic and detailed system that can be understood well with the help of Canada Immigration services in Ahmedabad

A detailed screening

The reason for such a detailed screening with such criteria is to make the immigrants more able to blend in the labor market in Canada. If you have a strong profile in the above-mentioned criteria, you have better chances of getting a Canada visa. According to a study, 95% of the immigrants in Canada managed to enter the job market and get jobs right in the first year of getting a permanent residency visa in Canada. 


According to the recent results, the Express Entry system has managed to achieve the end goal of improving labor market success. With the constantly growing Express Entry draws, we can expect more and more immigrants to be strong performers in the Canadian labor market in the future. You can understand this better if you get in touch with someone for a work permit for Canada consultants in Ahmedabad like First Step Immigration.


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