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Users can get high quality custom-made high-performance ultra-light wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories as well that facilitate users to individualize their style and look.

Wheelchairs are being used from more than hundred years,Guest Posting but early wheelchairs were proposed only to assist the disabled individuals to move from one corner to another, but as the people and the society developed and disabled individuals became integrated, the role of wheel chair began to change as well. Wheel chairs are now not only considered as a means of moving or transportation but also a way to allow the individuals/users to express their distinctiveness. There are ample numbers of choices that are available to improve the ride, from ultra light weight frames which allows better performance to particular designs for individualized taste and need, to suspension systems which assists to take out jolts and vibrations, all together allowing better performance. The latest drift is towards wheel chair customization, as the customized wheelchairs accommodates almost every special need,  taking care of all the major and minor requirements of the disabled user to properly fit in, plus providing an improved and trouble free performance in addition to express their image and style. Furthermore there are two types of wheelchairs that are available in the market which are the electric wheel chair and the manual wheel chair. The electric wheel chairs are simple to operate and enable the disabled person to perform their daily chores without any kind of difficulty, this further facilitates them to work and lead an active and independent life. Essentially, the electric wheelchairs are intended for the people who experiences limb moment restriction or fractional immobility. Those individuals who might not endure permanent disability but suffers some strains and pains when walking or standing for longer periods, could also use electric wheelchairs. However, these wheelchairs are quite common as they provide tighter turning features and are available in variety of colors, sizes, mechanism and weight and in three basic models: front wheel drive, mid wheel drive and rear wheel drive.The manual wheel chairs are operated by human power and are available in two main categories, the standard manual wheel chairs and the transportable wheel chairs. The standard manual wheel chairs consist of small wheel at the front and large wheels at the back. They are moved by a companion who pushes the handles mounted on the backside of the wheel chair. Where as the transportable wheel chairs have small wheels at the front and the back and can only be propelled with the help of a companion and are usually a cheaper option. You can also buy a folding wheel chair which is of the same design like a standard wheel chair and are often used by independent users who need a self propelling wheel chair               However, for easier handling of wheel chair protection, emergencies and repairs, one should always keep a card with the chair which should have the following information:?    Your address, name and for sure a phone number ?    Your doctors name and contact details?     The names and contact information of relatives and friends to be contacted in case of an accident?    the model and the make of your wheel chair?    the number and name of your local repair facility?    The contact details of a local wheel chair transport repairer in case if you get stuck when out of your home ?    The number of your insurance policy and other related information?    The contact details of your insurance company for any authorization

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