Redfield 115204 Revenge Scope.

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This Redfield Revenge scope measures in at 11.3 inches in length, and has a weight of 13.6 ounces.

It offers the user a magnification range of 2x to 7x. The mag on this scope is great and should give the user crisp and clear targets no matter what level of the range is used,Guest Posting however it would have been nice if the scope came with an objective lens larger than the 34 mm. The optics on this scope are multi coated and offer clear, and crisp images of the target every time. At dusk or at dawn, the images with this scope are just as clear as they would be mid day. With a nitrogen filled tube, you will never need to worry about the scope fogging up on you. The light gathering capabilities of this scope are awesome. The field of view of this scope at 2x mag is 43 feet at 100 yards, but here is the rub. At 7x mag at 100 yards, you only get a 13 foot field of view. That is why the 34 mm objective lens is too small.

Regarding the mounting of this scope, The item does not come with rings. You will need to get your hands on a set of one inch rings. However when you have your rings at the ready, this scope is not problem at all to mount. The item mounts easily to a rifle and a crossbow with no complications. This scope sights in quite easily as well, has no issues zeroing in, and stays that way for quite a time no matter what the scope encounters. That is rare with scopes, but the parent company of Redfield is Leupold, and so that is why we have such sustain on the sighting.

When you have a parent company of such distinction, quality has a way of trickling down, even to their products that are designed for those with a more limited budget, but who still need a scope. I am actually a huge fan of high end companies that offer a lower end brand to consumers who otherwise would not be able to afford things. Those high end companies know exactly where to create a savings for a consumer, and exactly where not to cut corners.

So, about durability. This scope has a rubber armor that is quite shock proof. It can hold up to being dropped, bumped, and clipped out in the field. The nitrogen filled barrel creates a fog proof, shock proof item that has the rugged qualities needed for a lasting purchase. So the verdict is that this scope will last the user for many years. Really wish the item had a larger objective lens though. Keep that in mind if you require a wide field of view at 100 yards with 7x mag.

Product retails around $160.

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