Registering a Company: New or Existing Overseas

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In UK,Guest Posting registering a company may imply forming a new company or registering an existing overseas company. Although one can handle the registration process by oneself, it is recommended to opt for the services of an experienced company formation agent.

Steps in Registering a Company

The process of registering a company comprises several steps but the first step is to determine the business structure.

Here are the basic structures to choose from:

  • A company limited by shares

  • A company limited by guarantee

  • Private unlimited company

  • Public Limited Company

Registering a Company with the Right Documents

On deciding the business structure, the next step is to finalize the company’s name. A company formation agent can help to check available and suitable names. Post-1985, only limited companies can register their names with a government agency such as Companies House. Also, the company name should not use sensitive or offensive words which suggest any ties with the Parliament, the Queen or the Royal family.

After this is done, mandatory documents require to be submitted along with the registration form. These documents include the Memorandum of Association, the Articles of Association, Form 10 and Form 12.

With the right kind of guidance from a responsible company formation agent, it is possible to ensure speedy filing of business registration applications.

It is pertinent to note that registration of an overseas company requires submission of specific documents with the Companies House if the company sets ups a business place in the UK. However, partnerships or unincorporated bodies can not be registered as overseas companies in the UK.

In case an overseas company sets a branch, it needs to submit Form BR1 to the Companies House while an overseas company setting up a business place in the UK needs to submit the form 691. In both cases, it must be noted that the overseas company (which seeks registration) needs to submit the following documents:

  • Certified copies of the company’s constitutional documents.

  • A copy of the latest set of audited accounts published by the parent company.

An overseas company may initially be registered by its corporate name. Thereafter, it gets subjected to the same restrictions as applicable to British companies.

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