How Accounting Graduates Get Jobs in Australia?

Jul 25


Catherine Walsh

Catherine Walsh

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Australia has 6 Universities in Accounting and Finance that are ranked in the top 50 band in the QS World University Ranking 2015. This is why overseas students love studying Accounting and finance related courses from Australian Universities to get a high-quality education. The Accounting courses are recognized globally and useful for students to enhance skills and improve career prospects. Studying the Accounting courses in Australia helps overseas students to get globally accepted knowledge and skills.

Another benefit of studying Accounting course in Australia is higher employability for the overseas students. Australia lacks a qualified workforce of accountants to carry out the related activities in the organizations. The overseas students who studied Accounting courses from Australian Universities are given first preferences for recruitment. But,How Accounting Graduates Get Jobs in Australia? Articles Accounting graduates need to undergo extensive internship program to get market relevant experience and skills to get jobs in the industry.

Initiative to Resolve Skills Shortage of Australia

Australia’s skill shortage is deepening in various sectors. This is why states persistently publish the list of occupations that are in higher demands in the market. Skilled migration is used by businesses to fill up the vacant positions in offices if skilled professionals can’t be found in the Australian market.

Under the skilled migration scheme, the professional bodies of Australian Universities have started a program to increase induction of more overseas graduates in the workforce. To prepare the graduates of Accounting, Engineering, and ICT for jobs in the industry, the Professional Year in Australia was initiated by the professional bodies and gazetted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia. To be eligible for the program, the overseas students need a two-year degree from an Australian university and a valid Skilled Graduate visa (485 subclass). The program is designed for the overseas students to impart industry relevant skills and increase employment opportunities and earn migration points for permanent residency.

Professional Year Program in Accounting for Graduates

Overseas students study Accounting degree from Australia to get skills and knowledge. After completing the Accounting degree, students need to gain industry related skills as seeks by recruiters to get jobs. To develop competent skills and knowledge in Accounting, join the Professional Year in Accounting quickly. The course is designed collaboratively by CPA Australia, Institutes of Chartered Accountants of Australia, and the Institute of Public Accountants to prepare the overseas Accounting graduates for the industry.

It is a 44-week program consisting of 32-week course and 12-week intensive internship training. While undergoing the program, the students learn about Australian work ethics, communication skills, writing a resume, facing interview and networking with industry leaders. The graduates gain market relevant skills essential to grab a job in industry and earn 5 points for permanent residency in Australia. Thus, the Professional Year acts as stepping stone for Accounting graduates to start their career in Australia.

Roles of Education Consultants

Studying abroad is both beneficial and challenging for the students. Studying in Australia help overseas students to get world class education which increases job prospects globally. Challenges come for the students in taking admission, selecting courses or a career path. The Indian education consultants have been offering help to overseas students to overcome these challenges easily. The consultants possess the skills, qualification and understanding of the educational system of Australia to guide the students properly. Contact our education consultants to deliver a good studying experience in Australia.