Revitalise your Sales with Novelty Wholesale Chocolate

Aug 5


Lisa Jeeves

Lisa Jeeves

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Novelty wholesale chocolate may help you to open up new markets. Read on for some top tips on retailing novelty wholesale chocolate.


Are your confectionery sales propositions getting a little tired and jaded? If you’re looking to increase your volumes and move into new market sectors,Revitalise your Sales with Novelty Wholesale Chocolate Articles you may wish to consider adding some novelty wholesale chocolate lines.

Times are Changing

For retailers, the days when you could comfortably consider your chocolate retailing strategy to consist of nothing more than putting some well-known brands on the shelves may be coming to an end. Of course, nobody questions for a second the on-going popularity of some of those old favourites. There is something their link to our childhoods and our imagined ‘times past’ that is deeply attractive and reassuring at the same time. We often pass on those associations to our own children, in fact. It seems likely that those brands will continue to have a significant role to play in the production of wholesale chocolate and the overall confectionery retail strategy for the foreseeable future.

Even so, time doesn’t stand still and public preferences change. In addition to that, competition is fierce and catching the eye of the consumer needs to be about more than simply attractive or even aggressive pricing. This is where novelty wholesale chocolate lines have an important part to play.

What is Novelty Chocolate?

Certain types of novelty chocolate are, in themselves, great traditions. Those chocolate coins (which many of us remember from our childhood in the bottom of our Christmas stocking or pillowcase), are a good example. Yet over recent years, these types of novelties have increasingly become associated with general confectionery retail sales rather than simply the two great novelty periods of Christmas and Easter. That’s because when they are displayed appropriately in a retail outlet they are real eye-catchers – they stand out from the ‘background noise’ of the mass-market traditional chocolate bars and related products. And, once you catch the eye of the consumer, you are well on the way to increased (or at the very least more diverse) sales.

What’s Available?

Novelty confectionery is limited only by the manufacturers’ imaginations. For example, today you can find examples in chocolate of the following: a wide variety of coins both present-day and historic (incidentally, these are not those rather featureless and impossible to distinguish things that we may remember from our childhood, but well-crafted and detailed); credit cards; MP3 players; game controllers; tools; hollow fish.
These items, and many others, are guaranteed to catch the attention of consumers, and in an age when many people are jaded by the over-familiar products on the shelves that can only be a good thing.

Can You Retail Them Successfully?

Ultimately, only you can decide whether or not a significant expansion of your novelty sales is something that fits in with your own strategic plans. However, a process of regular revitalisation of your shelves will be critical to success, so thinking seriously about purchasing some lines of novelty wholesale chocolate might be good for your business.