Keep in Shape While You Travel

May 16


Lisa Jeeves

Lisa Jeeves

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Believe it or not, it is possible to return from your travels fitter than when you left and avoid the post-holiday diet. Find out how.


Travelling the world and keeping fit are not usually two things you associate with one another. Holidays are a chance to get away from the responsibilities of normal life; that often includes the daily grind of a fitness regime. Eating out most days,Keep in Shape While You Travel Articles it is very easy to lose any notion of food control and watch as you waist line begins to grow and grow.

This cycle of eating delicious food and not doing much exercise can lead to a bit of a holiday belly when you return from your travels. Trips are often proceeded by a strict diet, sapping the life out of you as soon as you land. Wouldn’t it be good if you could return from your travels and eat what you want, being fitter than before you left? You could certainly do away with the post-holiday starving. This is a quick guide to keeping fit and feeling good while on holiday.

Get Motivated

Motivation is key to fitness. You have to want it otherwise you will never be able to stick to a routine. Getting the right motivation is easier when you think of all the wonderful places you can exercise. Whereas back home you might trot off to the local gym after work, abroad you have a wide choice from lunges on the beach to walking in the hills to dancing in the local bars. It’s easier to look forward to exercise when you can visit some beautiful locations and have bags of fun in the process.

Use Technology

Technology is your friend and its usefulness in maintaining your fitness on holiday should not be underestimated. Here are a few apps that will keep you on track while you are away:

  • Sweat: Sweat is for those with a casual interest in keeping fit and provides a long list of great 30-minute exercises that can be done absolutely anywhere.
  • MINDBODY: This clever app is ideal for those super serious in fitness who like to always know where the nearest gym is and which classes they can take.

Top tip: Give yourself piece of mind by covering you phone with gadget travel insurance. Don’t let the loss of your fitness companion throw your whole regime of course!

Bring the Right Gear

You won’t be able to enjoy a workout abroad if you don’t bring the right kit with you. However, this doesn’t have to be much – you won’t need to try to get your dumbbells through security. All you need is a few pieces of light workout clothing, comfortable exercise trainers and a skipping rope. With these packed neatly into your bag, you should be able to improvise a workout wherever you end up in the world.

Get Covered

Frequent travellers will tell you how important it is to keep yourself insured while you are on the move. This includes gadget travel insurance to protect your valuable fitness companion – otherwise known as your phone, Fitbit or Smartwatch – from damage or loss. Running along beaches and hopping up mountainsides will be a lot easier when you know that you and your devices are covered.

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