Russia and Ukraine is now welcome for International business!

Mar 3


Alexander Volkov

Alexander Volkov

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This year has finally lunched BIS PARTNER project, which is a communication B2B area that provides a possibility for foreign companies to promptly find new partners in the territory of Ukraine and Russia.


This year two former students in Ukraine have launched the unique B2B online resource called BIS PARTNER. This project is aimed to find for Russian-speaking companies new business partners around the world.

Highlight success lies in the fact that this approach does not use any media company. The secret is the powerful "off-line" works of BIS PARTNER with the companies. The best business offers presented by foreign companies are now accessible in a convenient e-form in Russian and English. BIS PARTNER's unique online guide is the only resource in CIS countries informing companies about international B2B cooperation and extremely convenient.

It is very important that "Top International Offers" rating of BIS PARTNER has recognized reputation for being "a prudent advisor on decision making about cooperation" and positions foreign suppliers of products and services as big reliable partners.

Particular attention is that the authors were able to not only create a powerful on-line project in a limited period of time,Russia and Ukraine is now welcome for International business! Articles but also to become an independent publishing company, producing printed business guides "Top International Offers" on the territory of the CIS for companies seeking in new foreign business partners.

"Today we all have a great possibility to use the best knowledge in any field with no geographical barriers by one click of a mouse.When I need a consultation about IT it's my pleasure to ask Mr. Robert Williams (IBM, former vice-president). When my partners are searching for the best web design, I suggest them Mr. Artemy Lebedev (Art. Lebedev Studio, Art Director). If you are interesting in new Partners for doing business in Ukraine or Russia, please contact us. We already have them for you in one unique communication area, named BIS PARTNER." - said Anton Volokonski, project manager and the creator of BIS PARTNER.

"Main goal of any company is profit. It is a pleasure when you get it and you do not stop on your achievements. But every company has a number of obstacles on its business road for success and one of the more significant is territorial restriction. Sooner or later, it had all companies. George Soros, in his book, wrote that "meaningful sign of globalization is that it ensures the free flow of financial capital". Globalization is what it is. Greater profit as a result of new markets, new opportunities, new contracts. BIS PARTNER was created exactly for multiplying your profit. Go Global! Erase your territory restriction. We will help you with this" - said Anton A. Krasny, product manager and the creator of BIS PARTNER.

BIS PARTNER is the answer that even outside USA purposeful young individuals could create real business of the new generation.

As the future is now - everything is possible!

Corporate background:BIS PARTNER is a communication area that enables foreign companies to promptly find partners in the territory of Ukraine and Russia.

The mission of BIS PARTNER is to link companies interested in direct international business cooperation, promptly and efficiently, removing territorial and language barriers.