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As wages stall and outgoings soar many of us are struggling to cover our basic cost of living without bringing the cost of socialising into the equation. However, all work and no play makes for a very dull life, and weeks of the same work/home routine can begin to grind you down.

Everyone needs to let their hair down occasionally and enjoy themselves,Guest Posting and there are ways to do so on a tight budget. Daily deals offer some amazing solutions for saving on your socialising, and you can find all the best offers in your area at you’re feeling the pinch but don’t want to give up your social life altogether, here are some examples of the fantastic special offers available from daily deals websites such as Groupon, kgb deals and Living Social.Deals on Dining OutEveryone loves a slap up meal out, but when you have a fridge full of perfectly good food at home it can seem like a luxury that’s difficult to justify. Luckily, daily deals providers regularly offer amazing deals on meals out of all cuisines, from Mexican to Italian and everything in-between. Some deals even include drinks, so you can go out and enjoy yourself without worrying about budget.For something a little lighter, deals on afternoon teas are popular. The perfect fortification break to take while out shopping with friends, taking afternoon tea is a delightful way to catch up over a cuppa.Deals on DrinksFrom cocktail making classes to champagne and cupcakes, if you fancy a tipple with friends then you’re sure to find a deal on drinks at Why not organise a group get-together for all your friends, which won’t see your purses emptying as quickly as your glasses?Another popular deal often found on Groupon is the wine tasting offer, which allows you to enjoy an informal wine tutorial in the comfort of your own home. Suitable for groups of up to eight people, this would be a great focus to a fun and informative get-together. Simply supply a few nibbles and you’re all set.Deals on MoviesEven a trip to the cinema can be an ill-afforded expense – particularly when you factor in expensive snacks and drinks. Many people are unaware that you can get great daily deals on cinema tickets too.Recent deals on nights out at the movies have including a £1 cinema ticket deal and a £10 deal including ticket, popcorn and drinks, so if there’s a Hollywood blockbuster on your must-see list then you can experience some big screen movie action for less.Deals on Spa DaysYou could kill two birds with one stone and combine your socialising with a much needed pampering session. Simply grab a friend or two and head off on one of the spa deals on offer at You’re sure to come out of the experience feeling relaxed, refreshed and like you’ve enjoyed some much needed time out from the daily grind.Deals on Sports ActivitiesIf sitting back and relaxing isn’t your thing then how about something a bit more active? Recent deals on Groupon have included gym passes, dance classes, zorbing, snowboarding, go-karting and much more. Whatever floats your boat when it comes to getting active, you’re sure to be able to find a cut price deal to suit you and your mates.Deals on CultureFor a demure daytime date why not enjoy a spot of culture in your city of choice? makes it easy to search for deals in your city, and reduced entrance fee vouchers have been available for zoos, arts centres, city tours and city cruises.Deals on Gigs and EventsFrom Bon Jovi in concert to Monster Jam Live, there have been some amazing deals available on gigs and events. Make sure that you never miss another offer by subscribing to the email, which will keep you informed and on the button when it comes to what you can do for less in your area.The recession needn’t mean saying goodbye to fun indefinitely. The daily deals phenomenon means that you can enjoy dining out, shows, concerts, pampering and culture for much less than you would have had to pay previously.Being the one who always knows what’s happening and how to do it for less is also sure to make you extremely popular among your friends!

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