Scope of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Modern Businesses

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The scope of ERP is very vast as it has become the back-bone of modern business due to its enhanced features and ability to communicate every departments within a firm.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a modular and robust system designed for small-sized,Guest Posting mid-sized & large-sized enterprises. It supports inventory, purchasing, supply chain, sales and material management, quality, research and finance, human resource, production and service functions.

ERP software indeed covers the complete business operating functional range.

Manufacturing: It means manufacturing and production process such as such as scheduling, planning and tracking supplies, parts and products before, throughout the production and after the manufacturing procedure.

Managing: It means the entire management of the organization such as purchasing, HR, financials, IT, quality and other things the organization do. The information should be conveyed at the right time in a correct form to facilitate the suggested correct decision-making by directors, managers, and executives of the enterprise.

Selling & Delivery: This segment manages the entire process from marketing, quoting, estimating, engaging and ordering products and services. It ensures to timely deliveries of good supplies and a profitable sale of products.

Servicing to customers: Offering satisfied and proper customer services is significant to future relations and sales of the enterprises. To get a complete feedback for your customers, knowing your product and how it is fulfilling the needs of the customers in the market means expanding the life span of your relationships with your customer.

It helps the company to control the day-to-day activities, makes easier the processes and provides better coordination amongst all the segments of the organization. Although all the modules are the essential to the existence of an ERP but manufacturing module is the main and important module. It provides various benefits to the businesses.

Below is a list of the significant areas where an ERP is vastly in use:

Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing Process, Cost Management, Scheduling, Engineering, Bills of Material, Capacity, Work flow Management, Quality Control, Manufacturing Projects etc.

Supply Chain Management

Purchasing, Supply Chain Planning, Order Entry, Product Configuration, Inventory, Supplier Scheduling, Inspection of goods, Commission Calculation and many more.


Cash Management, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Fixed Assets and many more.


Costing, Billing, Time and Expense, Activity Management

Human Resources (HR) management

Payroll, Training, Human Resources,Attendance & Time, other Benefits etc.

CRM management (Customer Relationship Management)

Service, Sales and Marketing, Customer Contact, Commissions, and Call Center support etc.

Data Warehouse management

Several Self-Service interfaces for Suppliers, Employees and Customers etc.

Thus, ERP software in the modern time fulfills all the business requirements of all sized, typed business organizations.

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