Unleashing the Power of Possibilities

Jan 2


Sharon Dalton Williams

Sharon Dalton Williams

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The first paragraph of this article provides a captivating summary of the content. It tells the story of a close friend and business partner who resides in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, while the author lives in Laurel, Maryland. Their business dealings often require face-to-face meetings, leading to frequent travels between their respective locations. The journey, which includes a drive through Washington, D.C., and the scenic Shenandoah Valley, offers a unique perspective on the power of possibilities.


The Journey to Shenandoah Valley

My dear friend and business collaborator resides in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley of Virginia,Unleashing the Power of Possibilities Articles while I am based in Laurel, Maryland. Our business ventures often necessitate in-person meetings, so we alternate our travels to each other's locations.

The journey to meet my friend, Sally, involves driving through the bustling Washington, D.C., area, heading west on Route 66 in Virginia, and then south down Route 81 through the Valley. As I drive west of Manassas, Virginia, the urban landscape gives way to a more rural setting. The highway narrows down to two lanes in each direction, and there's a noticeable distance between communities.

A Pit Stop at McDonald's

During one of my trips to the Valley, I encountered significant traffic congestion in the Washington, D.C., area due to construction work and an accident. By the time I reached west of Manassas, I was in dire need of a break. After driving for several miles, I finally spotted an exit off the highway leading to a McDonald's.

As I entered McDonald's, I was preoccupied and didn't pay much attention to my surroundings. However, as I left, I noticed that the McDonald's was seemingly in the middle of nowhere. As I exited the parking lot, I observed that most of the traffic on the two-lane road was due to McDonald's. It struck me then what a strategic location McDonald's had chosen!

Seeing the Possibilities

Reflecting on it, I realized that before McDonald's was built, the location was probably just a vast open space of land in the middle of nowhere. It likely didn't seem promising. However, the individuals who decided to build this McDonald's saw an exit on and off a major east/west highway that was frequently traveled. They saw the only source of refreshment for miles around. They saw guaranteed traffic. They saw the possibilities.

The Power of Perspective

My friend Sally and I used to teach 4 - 6-year-olds in Bible class at church. Sally had a knack for seeing possibilities everywhere. Whether we were at the grocery store, browsing through a craft store, or walking around the lake, Sally always found object lessons to teach the kids. Even when I couldn't see what she saw, her enthusiasm was infectious.

Over the years, I have cultivated this "possibilities" outlook. As a writer, I have learned to see the "article" in almost every situation. It took some practice, but once I mastered it, I began to notice things that others often overlook.

Cultivating a "Possibilities" Outlook

To keep your business dynamic and growing, it's crucial to learn to see the possibilities around you. Here are some tips to help you develop this perspective:

  • Always carry a notepad. Inspiration can strike at any moment, and you may not remember your brilliant idea later. Make it a habit to jot down your ideas as soon as they come to you, and include some details for clarity.

  • Be observant. Pay attention to the details around you. Study the people on the bus with you, listen to children as they play, observe how others conduct their business, and even look at the signposts along the road. Some of them can be quite amusing.

  • Look at things with fresh eyes. Ask yourself, "What is the lesson to be learned here?" or "Can I use that in my business?" or "Is there an article in there somewhere?" Learn from others' mistakes and successes, and see how you can adapt their ideas for your own business.

When you develop a "possibilities" outlook, new ideas will start to flood your mind. Your creativity will begin to flow, and you'll feel a renewed energy about the growth of your business. That's when things get really exciting!

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