Several Common Skills in Purchasing Spiral Steel Pipes

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Several  Skills to Purchase Spiral Steel Pipes

In the procurement of the spiral welded steel pipe market,Guest Posting some customers are often deceived, while others are very angry. Today, let 's talk about common deceptions in the spiral welded steel pipe market to prevent people from being deceived again.

The spiral welded steel pipe manufacturer or trader reports to the customer a price lower than the market price. When a customer signs a contract and receives a down payment, the supplier usually asks the customer to sign the contract again on the basis of the price increase. However, the new price will not be much higher than the market price, or just like the market price, the customer will be indifferent because of the fear of postponing the project or the project, or worrying that the deposit is difficult to return. Although this situation will not cause too much loss to customers, but the feeling of being cheated is not good. How to prevent this from happening? We also need customers to conduct more consultations when purchasing spiral welded steel pipes. If the price is much lower than other manufacturers, we should resolutely eliminate it. We should not just look at low prices. There are no spiral welded steel pipe manufacturers or industry associations operating at a loss.

It is also one of the common tricks to replace the national standard spiral welded steel pipe with the sector standard spiral welded steel pipe, because the price difference between the sector standard and the national standard spiral welded steel pipe exceeds 300 yuan per ton, and the huge profits make some suppliers take risks. Customers purchase national standard spiral welded steel pipes, and suppliers provide sector standard spiral welded steel pipes. The light one will cause the customer to lose some money, and the heavy one will bring serious quality problems to the pipeline project. As mentioned above, whether a spiral welded steel pipe is a part standard or a national standard is invisible to the naked eye. We need to have a comprehensive understanding of spiral welded steel pipe inspection. Some standard spiral welded steel pipes and national standard spiral welded steel pipes have different detection ranges, water pressures and geometric standards. For a single geometric size, measure a few more and compare the data to determine whether it meets national standards.

Defraud the deposit. When the customer has a batch of spiral steel pipes, such as non-model steel pipes, the number is still very small. When they heard that someone was willing to do so, the customer quickly signed the contract and deposited. However, there was no news after the deposit. When the delivery date is approaching, the supplier will postpone the delivery for various reasons, such as equipment damage, strict environmental protection inspection, and the raw materials of the steel mill are not made first. At this time, customers are not always easy to find other manufacturers and can only wait slowly. In fact, customers often wait in vain because the manufacturer does not want to make time for you at all. A few non-model spiral welded steel pipes are not worth adjusting at once. The money earned from these lists is not enough for the manufacturer to adjust the one-time cost for you. How do manufacturers do this? The supplier tricked you into paying the deposit for a period of time. When the deposit can no longer be delayed, it will be returned to you. You can rest assured that the general deposit will still be given to you! However, this also delays the customer's time and makes the customer breach his promise to others. How can we avoid this situation? When encountering such a small list, the number of non-models is very small, the customer must go to the manufacturer to see if the pipe is in production, and can come out together during the production process.If production is not online, when can production schedules be arranged? The customer on this list is best not to find a new supplier, it is best to find his reliable old supplier to do.

Eat more or less clauses, which should be easy to understand. Use fake weights to obtain the main benefits of spiral welded steel pipe purchase contracts. This preventive measure is also simple. After the goods arrive, the customer can find the place where he wrote and weigh it. He not only trusted the supplier's weighing list.

The wall thickness of spiral welded steel pipe is lower than the standard. The lower difference also has a certain standard range. Some merchants will provide customers with spiral welded steel pipes that are far below the standard wall thickness to obtain huge benefits. Customers cannot be ambiguous about the wall thickness. It is best to measure the wall thickness of each spiral welded steel pipe to see if it meets the standard. Don't just measure a few spiral welded steel pipes, you will feel that these spiral welded steel pipes meet the requirements.

There are still some tricks in the spiral welded steel pipe market, we will not list them one by one. Customers only need to remember one thing, do not be greedy and cheap, this can greatly reduce the possibility of being cheated. Like the jokes I heard before, the students asked the professor what the characteristics of cheating were. The professor said: "I don't know the characteristics of the scammers, but I know that all the people cheated have a characteristic, that is, they all believe that the pie is in the sky, and they want to be cheap." 

There is a market rule in the market. If there are five spiral welded steel pipe manufacturers, there are four 3500 yuan / ton and one 3300 yuan / ton. If you have to buy 3300 yuan / ton, will you be cheated? Spiral welded steel pipe business is difficult to develop customers, so it is not difficult for customers to find a reliable and honest business. Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd is an excellent steel pipe manufacturer, let us cherish it together!



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Several Skills to Purchase Spiral Steel Pipes

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