Shared Amenity Ranches – Enjoy the Benefits of the Ranching Lifestyle

Mar 4


Billy Long

Billy Long

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Shared amenity ranches are an exciting new trend in ranch ownership that combine private land ownership with access to shared amenities and services for all property owners in the ranch community. This article reviews the benefits of shared amenity ranches.


Shared amenity ranches,Shared Amenity Ranches – Enjoy the Benefits of the Ranching Lifestyle Articles an exciting new trend in ranch ownership, combines private land ownership with access to shared amenities and services for all property owners in the ranch community. This type of ranch property offers an alternative to the traditional ranch setup where conveniences can be miles away and where the operational costs and demands can interfere with the ability to enjoy the property. The shared amenity ranch offers buyers and investors an innovative way to live an authentic ranching lifestyle with some of the comforts of modern living. Attractive to private buyers, business professionals and high-profile individuals, shared amenity ranches offer affordability, convenience and resort-type comforts.

As real estate and land prices have climbed, large land holdings and ranches have become unaffordable for many. With shared amenity ranches, large acreages are sub-divided into smaller parcels - thirty-five to several hundred acres each - with a portion of the acreage designated as open space and shared areas for all owners to enjoy. Owners hold title to a specific portion of the overall ranch yet enjoy the right to access and use the areas set aside as shared parcels. Individual ranch parcels may have homes on them or they may be sold as unimproved land. The smaller acreage makes these ranches more affordable yet allows owners to participate in the ranching lifestyle via the shared amenities - without the price tag of a large ranch.

The shared amenity ranch is as much about service and convenience as it is about the pride and rewards of owning a large land holding. The traditional ranch ownership rewards of raising livestock and mending fences is not for everyone. Shared amenity ranches offer the romantic western lifestyle without time-consuming chores and operational responsibilities that could detract from its enjoyment. Typically, the shared ranch portions are maintained by a home owner’s association and ranch manager allowing individual owners more time to enjoy their properties. Unlike some traditional large land holdings, many shared amenity ranches are located in desirable areas with recreational activities and town services nearby – offering the owner additional convenience. Since these properties are often second or third residences, convenient locations with ski resorts or golf courses nearby are desirable and proximity to national and international airports remains important for easy and year-round access.

With private access to fine accommodations, shared amenity ranches offer some of the same comforts resort-living offers. Amenities will vary but may include five-star lodging and dining, cabins and guest lodging, equestrian centers complete with riding arenas and boarding facilities, fitness centers and spas, hunting, trails for horseback or ATV riding, lakes, ponds or streams for fishing and winter trails for snowmobiling, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Some ranches offer additional services such as concierge services, master guides and instructors for trail rides or fly-fishing lessons.

The appeal of the shared amenity ranch lies in the value of the land combined with the value of the owner amenities. This trend in ranch real estate ownership allows more buyers to invest in properties that combine key components of privacy, affordability, convenience and lifestyle with comfort.