Simple strategies for document management system

Apr 2


Loria Hasey

Loria Hasey

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A document management system has documents in multiple formats in structured and unstructured format.

Before going to the depths of understanding the simple strategies of document management system,Simple strategies for document management system Articles it is very important to determine what actually document management system is and what it is helpful for.A document management system is also known as DMS. DMS is a set of computer programs or system used to track and store electronic documents and retrieval of the documents if needed. It is also capable of keeping track of the different versions modified by different users known as history tracking. It is sometimes viewed as a component of enterprise content management systems and related to digital asset management, document imaging, and workflow systems. One of the biggest benefits of a DMS is that, it improves workflow and simplifies document creation and sharingDocuments can come in paper as well as electronic form. A purchase order receipt from a vendor may come in form of a hard copy but the purchase order sent to the vendor may have been by email. These two documents need to be kept together for future reference and studies. A document management system can be used to gather and organize all of these documents into electronic documents. The hard copy document can be scanned into the document management system while the electronic records could be either stored in the system or diverted to another system.The documents can be indexed by the concerned department, vendor by purchase order number or by other number. Document management system stores documents in electronic folders that can be indexed by multiple pieces of information. This gives users the ability and convenience to search and retrieve documents based upon different criteria.With a document management system, the documents can be urgently retrieved for the person looking for information saving time and cost.It is important to know the right Basics of a Document Management System. The basics involved are· creating a document management plan,· implementing the document management plan,· Follow throughThere are basically 10 components in a document management system, some of them listed above. They are: Meta data, integration, capture, indexing, storage, retrieval, distribution, workflow, collaboration, version, searching, publishing and reproduction.Now let us see some of the strategies in brief.1. ComplianceSome companies debate on how long, how and where documents should be stored. It is very important to determine if your business partners like suppliers and vendors are compliant with you and what the laws are related to that.Formalized Document RetentionA document management system has documents in multiple formats in structured and unstructured format. A retention strategy should give directions on what is to be saved, where it to be saved is and for how long. When there is any need for documents, the documents which are documented must be provided easily. Records of access of documents must be kept as an audit method and any deletion of documents must be in right way. The method of archiving should be reviewed periodically and tested to ensure backups are there.2. Using an existing format by theme folders and colorsIt is very important to have a suitable format to save time and cost for the document management system instead of writing same headings or schedules or time tables.3. Keeping a small table format at all time.It is good to have a roundabout year plan in advance to know what is wanted, why it is wanted and where it can be taken from.4. Weekly or fortnightly sheet for documents in use at work.5. Estimation of the Audit scheduled date of the documents6. Notes on who access the documents, when and why.7. Notes and review/preview of the new document management system suggested or plan that is to come and its advantages.Bristol is a city, in South West England which has good firms and companies which provide professional and expert help in document management system. They also give expert guidance and suggestions for the document management. Some of them are Saratoga Technologies, AMA Business Systems Ltd, CFS, Axis Document Solutions, Total File & Archive, National Will Safe and Click 2 scan