Spy Camera Cases: Infamous Stories of People Who Got Caught Out

Sep 1


Rose Lee

Rose Lee

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Although the vast majority of people buy spy cameras for legitimate use, there is always a small percentage that will go a bit over the top with something like a spy cam and use it for nefarious reasons. Internet is full of notorious cases of people kike it, and also people who were caught out doing something they should not have done with the help of a spy camera.

Here are 10 brief stories about infamous cases where someone was caught out by a hidden camera or using a spy camera for the wrong purposes:The Hunter Becomes the HuntedChris Hansen,Spy Camera Cases: Infamous Stories of People Who Got Caught Out Articles the famous NBC anchorman and well known for his part on "To Catch a Predator"which is focused on covertly snagging pedophiles, was caught on a spy camera having a romantic dinner in Palm Beach with someone other than his wife. The sting operation was carried out by the National Enquirer, who used spy cameras to catch Hansen after receiving a tip that he was having an affair with this woman.The hunter became the hunted and eventually the prey to a scandal, thanks to a handy hidden camera.When Sleep Became a NightmareThirteen factory workers in the U.K. were caught sleeping on the job by the use of hidden cameras and subsequently fired. The cameras were concealed in light fixtures, smoke alarms and other fittings. Although the factory owners were criticized for breaking the faith with employees, there was nothing illegal about their Big Brother operation as the workers who were sacked for sleeping had positions that were key to the safety of other employees and were jeopardizing that safety by sleeping on the job.Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too MuchA 4th year fine art student in England was caught on hidden camera tearing down almost a thousand pounds worth of frosted plastic covering the windows of the Fine Art Building at a university in Newcastle.The student's reason for removing the plastic film? He was protesting the students being unable to use the windows to showcase their art after the frosted film was added.Cold Case Files: Better Late Than NeverIn 1981, three people in California involved in a whistleblower operation exposing weapon manufacturing deals between the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians and defense contractors were brutally murdered. 28 years later, the daughter of one of the victims talked to the person believed to have committed the murders, while wearing a hidden camera that caught his admission of guilt of not only those murders but others as well.Crossing BridgesNearly 23,000 motorists in the U.K. have incurred fines for illegally crossing a Gloucester bridge in one short year. How did they get caught? Hidden camera!The Duchess of York: Busted!Even members of the royalty aren't exempt from being caught on hidden cameras! The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, was caught on a spy camera when she accepted cash from a tabloid reporter who was posing as a business tycoon. What was she selling? Access to her ex husband, Prince Andrew.The Mad Hatter's Tea PartyRonald Schiller, a fundraiser for NPR in America, was caught by hidden camera calling Tea Party members racist. James O'Keefe, an activist who poses as a journalist and was responsible for the infamous Acorn exposé, was who had the spy camera.Planned Parenthood Sting: Work Your Own Corner PleaseLila Rose, an American anti-abortion activist for Live Action, used a spy camera to capture a member of the Planned Parenthood association giving birth control advice to two people who were allegedly a prostitute and her pimp, both illegal aliens.Elder Abuse Caught with Spy Camera!A worker in a long term care facility in Pennsylvania was caught by the use of a hidden camera disguised as an alarm clock in a 78 year old resident's room. The camera was placed there by the victim's son, who suspected she was being abused. Nanny Caught by Spy Camera Abusing ToddlerA Florida nanny was caught on a hidden camera brutally abusing an 11 month old baby. She bounced a huge ball off the baby's head, kicked him in the stomach and tossed him around like a rag doll. Thank goodness the parents had installed a nanny cam!These are just a few stories of people who have been caught out due to a spy camera. Chinavasion has a wide selection of spy cameras available for you to start selling now.spy camera has many applications. Most people will probably use a convert camera for some innocuous use such as watching wildlife or home security. However, there have been many cases where those who placed a hidden camera had reason to be mightily glad they did! Nannies have been caught by spy cameras abusing children, for example. Chinavasion has a wide selection of high quality spy cameras ready for you to start selling today.