Stainless Seamless Steel Pipe Extrusion Process

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To meet the needs of nuclear power plant construction steel, requiring the production of stainless seamless steel pipe. 

By offering a competitive solution for the market by introducing innovative critical process equipment. These key equipment includes blank preparation,Guest Posting blank reaming and extrusion equipment, and finished steel pipe handling systems.

Stainless seamless steel pipe hot extrusion process is an advanced production technology, with significant cost advantages, can bring the following benefits for users:
(1) Produce other kinds of methods (such as hot rolling or welding process) can not produce complex shape of the solid or hollow steel pipe.
(2) Mold low cost, you can try to produce a variety of cross-sectional shape, and will not spend a high trial production costs.
(3) Organize small batch production, at least can produce 2t, even less, and has a good economy.
(4) Delivery time is much shorter than other various processes.
(5) Produce a variety of other processes can not produce some special steel seamless steel products.

Extrusion process includes the following production processes:
(1) Blank: round billet after peeling, cutting, drilling, machining and cleaning, you can form a hollow tube as a blank ready.
(2) Billet heating: according to different types of steel, can be divided into three heating stages to ensure that the production process to meet the required temperature.
(3) Warm-up: A floor-to-bottom gas furnace will be used for the first step of heating and preheating the blank to 700 ° C to 900 ° C.
(4) Induction heating unit (first stage): The first set of induction heating unit heats the blank to the temperature required for the reaming process, about 1100 to 1250C, and the specific temperature value is determined according to the production steel. Induction heating unit using low frequency heating mode.
(5) Blank lubrication: before the hole in the first glass fiber lubrication.
(6) Reaming: The round billet that has been drilled before extrusion must start with a smaller pilot hole until the bore reaches the final machining accuracy.
(7) Induction heating unit (second Stage): The second set of induction heating units is used to continue heating the intermediate blank after the blank is reamed. Depending on the normal operating conditions of the transport conveyor, it is required to heat the intermediate billet to 1200 ° C or to the temperature required by the material.
(8) Extruder: the blank is loaded onto the extruder and processed into steel pipe by extrusion. Extruder auxiliary system is responsible for feeding, replacement extrusion die, squeeze the use of the pressure and the separation of the remaining material head.
(9) Cooling pool: cooling pool is arranged on the side of the output roller for rapid cooling of steel pipe.
(10) Cooling bed: in the need for air cooling, the pipe can be transported to the cooling bed.

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Stainless seamless steel pipe extrusion process

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