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Induction hobs are a relatively new phenomenon that are proving popular with people who need to save time and like that smooth, neat look to their hob area. This article looks at Neff induction hobs.

Induction cooking is a very clean and quite clever method of cooking,Guest Posting and many people prefer it to traditional gas hobs because of how quickly it heats up and how convenient they are to clean.

Here is the technology behind induction hobs: induction hobs have a strong electro magnet also known as an induction coil, which is positioned just under the ceramic cooking zones. It works by completing an electrical circuit by switching on the zone you want to use and then placing a ferrous metal bottomed pan on it. Heat is then transferred evenly to the pan and whatever is in it.

As well as clever technology, many people also prefer the look of an induction hob. Neff induction hobs are ceramic, which means that they are sleek, shiny, and smooth so they fit in really well with minimal, modern kitchens. Induction hobs are clutter free and neat so the kitchen always looks tidier.

Safety is always an issue in the kitchen, especially if you have children in the house and the Neff induction hobs take that into account in their design. Because of the way they are designed, induction hobs provide an almost idiot proof solution. Some, but not all, of the Neff induction hobs have 'Point & Twist' control, which means that those particular models will only operate when the magnetic central control knob is in place. This means that even if the controls are turned on accidentally, the hob will only start heating up if a saucepan is placed on one of the zones so it should be easier to avoid accidents in the kitchen. Point & Twist models now come with a black plastic control dial to use as a back up if you temporarily misplace the stainless steel version.

It is not all easy going with an induction hob though especially if this is the first time you have ever had one. One problem that you may encounter is the pans that you need to use on a Neff induction hob or indeed any induction hob. An induction hob will ONLY work with ferrous metal saucepans. You may already have ferrous metal saucepans, but you will have to get it checked before you start using them on an induction hob.

If you do not have ferrous metal pans then do not worry too much because they are easy enough to find. Neff do a four piece ferrous metal saucepan set for use with Neff induction hobs but you can get them from almost any kitchen manufacturer


There are eleven models of induction hobs available in the Neff range from series three to series six choices and there is an option of an extra wide induction hob for those kitchens with a little extra space to dedicate to the hob area.

The series three Neff induction hobs are the most basic option and the standard sized option measures in at 60cm and has four ceramic induction hob zones. Some of the features included in this particular model are electronic touch control, child safety lock and safety cut out facility.

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