Tasers and its discovery

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1. Pepper spray: These spray uses a powder which is very much similar to chili powder. The general constituents of the powder are capsicum oleoresin. It temporary paralyses the larynx which is an important organ of our respiratory system. This restricts the supply of oxygen in the body and the person gets unconscious. The spray styles are

Taser was invented by Jack cover in 1974. He was a researcher in Nasa. The Taser works on the principle of Electro Muscular Disruption technique. It generally stimulates our motor and sensory nerves which leads to muscle contraction. Stun guns and other self defense products have less effect on high pain tolerance people like drunkers and druggers. Taser guns are effective on such kind of persons. The Taser contains two dart electrodes which generates electronic pulses. These electronic pulses are of fifty thousand volts. when an attacker comes in contact with these electric pulses his muscles are contracted due to which he gets shocked. The impact of these pulses is very quick. They started to show their effect within a second. The effect is temporary or volatile. These guns are largely used by Policemen. Taser guns used by police includes a feature of Drive stun. Because of this unique feature these guns can be set in opposite direction to the target by deployment of air cartridge. The Taser guns differs from the Stun guns in following respect:

Stun guns provides a voltage of 80,Guest Posting000 to 950,000 volts.

The Stun guns are less expensive than Taser guns.

For effective use the target must be very near to the gun but the problem is that the attacker can take it from you and can use against you. But you can use Taser guns far away from the target.

Models Of Taser guns: The popular models of Taser guns are:

1. Advanced Taser M26 guns: This model of Taser guns looks like a a toy gun but this has the capacity to put down the attacker on the ground by passing a charge of 50,000 volts through his body. This Gun can be used to hit the target from fifteen meters.

2. Taser X26: This model contains cartridges which are replaceable. The cartridges contains compressed nitrogen propellants to generate electric pulses.the cartridges are connected to the gun through insulated wire. These guns can target from a range of 35 feet. These guns are generally used by law enforcement agencies. The advantages of this model are:

These are 50 to 60 percent smaller in size than M26 guns.

These are designed in such a way that they can be easily carried by police officers on their duty belts.

The software used in these guns is upgradable.

The gun is fitted with a display which displays the battery level

These guns are highly powerful.

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The gun which is generally used by people to dissolve the violent crowd is taser gun. It is more powerful than stun guns. Every country have their own lawregarding use of tasers.

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