Advanced Tasers Guns for Personal Protection

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Taser guns M18 and the M18L with Laser

Tasers guns or stun guns the choice is yours

Every day it seems that the news is more and more filled with people who have become victims of attacks. Because of this,Guest Posting it is increasingly common for private citizens to seek out methods of personal protection. If you are seeking an effective way to defend yourself against an attacker, one option available to you is a taser.  The name “taser” is an acronym that stands for “Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle”. This tool is commonly discussed in concurrence with stun guns, which offer protection through a similar method using electrical current.

Taser guns have been used by law enforcement officers as a safer alternative to brute force for many years. Private citizens can provide themselves with the same protection by purchasing taser guns for personal protection.  Taser guns send a force of electrical shock through the assailant’s body rendering them incapable of movement. This effect is achieved because the pulsating electrodes disrupt communication between the muscles and the brain. Tasers are non-lethal protection tools that will not kill or maim the assailant. They are also safe for the user and for any bystanders. 

  Unlike stun guns that require the victim to be close to the assailant to apply the tool directly to the body, tasers can be employed from several feet away. The actual distance depends on the model, but a common expanse is twenty-five feet. The gun taser shoots small electrodes at the assailant, thereby connecting them and the gun through metal wires. In the past the taser could only have the desired effect if the electrodes embedded in the skin. Modern taser guns now require only contact and can deliver the charge through protective clothing.

 Tasers are an excellent option for self protection because they are safe, effective, and easy to use. Any citizen, regardless of strength or ability can operate the tool and defend themselves. Since the taser does not require close contact, a citizen can stop a potential attack before the assailant even approaches them. After the electrodes are in contact with the assailant, every pull of the trigger delivers a 50,000 volt charge for five seconds. The effect of one trigger pull is generally enough to keep a full grown male confined to the ground while you run to safety.

 Whether you are in the market for a taser, or are simply gathering information for a future purpose it is important that you seek out reputable merchants. A great place to look is at  This company offers a wide variety of items, including tasers, and provides consumers with education on self defense. In addition to the online resources, BLJ's Enterprises supplies its customers with personal attention to help ensure that they receive the self defense tool that is right for them.


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